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My tangle patterns: Embellish

This is nice pattern to go along with Heritage and Alpenglow, or just to add a little embellishment to your zentangle.

Official zentangle blog

Rick and Maria Thomas have launched their own blog!  There is only one post so far, but this is sure to be a blog of plenty.

New tangle pattern at Suzanne McNeil's blog

Suzanne has posted zentangle pattern #8 at her blog, as well as some postcards she received in a swap with other Certified zentangle teachers.

New look-sorry for any confusion it causes

I've switched to a different template because I think it leaves more room for the picture posting.  And this site is all about the art.

As I get the chance, I'll go through and make the existing posts look a little better (I hope!).

I love seeing what people do with my patterns!

Mother and Child ATC ~ For Trade
Originally uploaded by Rose Twofeather
18 02 2010 (002)
Originally uploaded by Sylv Shanka I'm so excited!  Sylv Shanka has used my Lotzadotz (without the dots!) and Rose Twofeather has used my penguins.

Both these artists have strong bold strokes and know how to use color to great effect.

My tangle patterns: Heritage and Alpenglow

I love the way you can build on patterns and end up with  something else entirely.  If you leave out the last step of Heritage, you have a simple little doodad that  can be used to add interest here and there.  Or you can continue building and make a fancier, full-scale pattern, such as Alpenglow.

Review of Suzanne McNeil's Zentangle Books

I'll attempt to avoid subjective criticism in my reviews, which means I won't tell you if I like or dislike an item. The point isn't whether I like something, but whether you will.  I'll try to give information that will help you decide.  If you want more information yet, Wendy T Gibson has also reviewed the books in her blog, Craft Dinner.

Suzanne McNeil has two zentangle books available at Design Originals.  There is some overlap in both the tangles and the information. I've listed what each book contains, so you can see what is offered in each. The overlapping detail is presented somewhat differently with more detail on some items in one than in the other.

Some of the tangles shown are official zentangle designs, and some are her own originals. She does show variations of some tangles and her version of Printemps is different from the pattern I know, so you may get ideas even on patterns you are familiar with (I've noted which tangles have variations in the …

Hairy-New tangle pattern from Sandra Bartholomew

Sandra has posted a new tangle pattern, Hairy, at Beez in the Belfrey.  The pattern was created by Karenann Young, and will be in Sandra's upcoming zentangle book.

Zentangles by three artists

I have work from three artists today.  They've used some of my patterns as well as some patterns from Sandra Bartholomew  and Suzanne McNeil. (Please forgive my formatting.  I'm not good at making Blog do what I want it to).  

Rose Twofeather has used an adaption on my Charm, Elegance and Flair patterns.That three pattern family of mine was aimed at showing how you can adapt patterns, so I'm delighted to see that she's being creative with it.  Squidgette~for trade Originally uploaded by Rose Twofeather

 Flowerlady56 has used several of my patterns in these two paintings.  Lacy and Caffeine and Xpetal and Buoy and Goosewing.  I love the way she's swirled and used shapes in her work, as well as the way she's using color.
Sea Urchins-available  Peace-available Both Originally uploaded by flowerlady56

Zentangle set 3 Available For Trade
Originally uploaded by Anne Wilson1
This zentangle set by Anne Wilson1 uses Buoy to great effect.  I love what she's done using swir…

New tangle pattern from Suzanne McNeil

Suzanne has posted Web Pattern on her blog.  It's fun, and easy to do.

My Tangle Patterns: Lotzadotz

I just don't think you can have enough spots in the world.  Stripes are wonderful, sure, but spots...  Spotted dots and dotted spots and spotted dotty spots.  Well, Lotzadotz is that kind of zentangle pattern, lol!

Strangely enough, it was inspired by a photo of a peacock's feathers, taken at a strange angle.  The photo didn't look anything like this pattern.  My brain does strange angles, too.

It isn't difficult, but it's lotz a fun!  Have at it and go dotty!

Buzzy Multimedia blog--win a kindle, 2 t-shirts or books

I'm mostly keeping to zentangle/zendoodle related items on my blog, but I thought this was great enough news that I wanted to share it.

If you like to read, and/or like to listen to books on disc, Buzzy Multimedia has a contest going to win a Kindle book.  I already have one, but wouldn't mind one for my husband.  You don't have to buy anything--just comment on their blog (at least 3 sentences) and you are entered.  You can enter as often as you like.

I been intending to buy the latest Harry Dresden to listen to, when we go to the coast for our anniversary. In fact, our anniversary present (at least part of it) is the Dresden files Special #7.  You get Turn Coat, Proven Guilty, White Knight and Death Masks in standard CD format and Alan Dean Fosters Interlopers (mp3-cd) for free.  We love the Dresden series, but only had about 1/2 the books on disc (have them all in written format).  They're all narrated by James Marsters, which is a plus in my book.

I'm glad I d…

Beez in the Belfrey gives information about Suzanne McNeil's book

I have ordered Suzanne McNeil's two zentangle books and will tell you about them once they arrive.

Meanwhile, Sandy Bartholomew has posted about them, and gives a brief explanation of what is in Suzanne's books, and assurance that she is working hard on her own. (I'm the person who sent her 10 tiles, lol!  I make life difficult for everyone!)

Suzanne McNeill will be a guest on Inspired at Home Radio

Suzanne has just posted in her blog about an upcoming guestspot on Inspired at Home Radio.  
Have questions about zentangles (or the other crafts that Suzanne excels in)?  This might be your chance to get an answer!

My Tangle Patterns: Penquin

Happy Valentine's Day!

This pattern isn't exactly valentines themed--but penguins!  Ya gotta love 'em, right?

I sort of stumbled across this design.  I think the penguins wanted to be discovered! Lol!
These guys make an interesting border, or just interesting elements to have peeking out here and there.

Zentangles by Anne Wilson1

Ink Background 23 Available for trade
Originally uploaded by Anne Wilson1 Anne's used some of my patterns in her zentangles, and I love what she's done with them. Her ink backgrounds are a moody shade of green & blue that give a noir effect to the patterns she's chosen.

She's used some other great patterns as well as mine and achieved a great sense of movement.

ATCs, Inchies and Twinchies--she's an avid trader, too.

You can see more of her work at her blog, Anne's Crafty Things or at her flicker site.

Zigzag border pattern available at Suzanne McNeil's Blog

Suzanne McNeil has posted another tangle pattern in her blog, as well as the details for other craft projects she has undertaken.  You can find the post here: Recap of CHA projects.

My Tangle Patterns: Heron

Herons are beautiful, graceful birds, and their crest is one of their most distinguished features.

I've adapted that crest more than a little bit, but this pattern will still make your zentangle look distinguished.

Posted for flowerlady56.

My Tangle Patterns: Kisses

This seemed like a good pattern to post the week before Valentine's Day.  The little petals remind me of Hershey's Kisses.  They can also be used to create pinecones, or just add some texture to your tangle.
I've used it both for petals and for texture in this example art:

Strircles-Latest official tangle pattern from

The Feb. 8 newsletter is out from

I've been posting tangle 'families'--tangles that build off one another, or rely on a similar look.  This month's official pattern is something similar.  It is an enhancement that can be used with almost any pattern, to make it richer and more intricate.  Molly Hollibaugh, the creator of Eye-wa and Munchin and many other great patterns, is the originator of this wonderful enhancement, Strircles.  But don't ask me how to pronounce that name!

My Tangle Patterns: Doguette #4 and Eggit

This week I thought I'd combine another Doguette pattern with a pattern for the agate-like tangle surrounding my doguettes.  Eggit can be use around any shape.
It's a little difficult to show Eggit, because no two agates are alike in the real world.  They won't be alike in your tangles, either.  The shape at the center will determine the end shape.  Separate into sections where there are curves or sticky-out bits. Darken around the sections and the border of the whole shape.  Then draw swirly lines in the white space between.  Add blotches here and there, and you get an agately look.  You can't go wrong, so go crazy with this one!

My Tangle Patterns: Doguettes 1, 2 & 3

I had so much fun playing with my Cosmic Puppy zendoodle that I thought it would be fun to do some other dog silhouettes, and here they are.

Everything that looks white in this drawing is actually flourescent yellow.  Gellyroll pens on cardboard-colored card stock.

More about zentangle books

Suzanne McNeil has updated the information on her zentangle books to show a couple of the patterns that can be found in each.  If you are interested to see what you'd get from her books check it out.

Zentangle Basics
Zentangle Book 2

I also wanted to let you know that Sandy Bartholomew of Beez in the Belfrey will have a zentangle pattern book available soon.  Besides her own patterns, she is including some from other avid zentanglers, including yours truly.   I don't have a date, but her latest tangle of the week, Punch, is one of the tangles that will be in the book.  I'm so excited!

My tangle patterns: Heartache, Lachrymose, Mangle and Spindle

I've been feeling a bit out-of-sorts lately--not sleeping well.  You can tell by the titles I've given these patterns! Lol!
I'm posting these together because they are patterns of a kind.   They loop and swirl and invite you to fill in nooks and crannies.  They fit together or stand alone. There are many patterns of this kind in zentangling. 

I'm doing these to show that there is no limit to variation.  Almost any little squiggle can become an alluring pattern.

Last teardrop ~4x4

Last teardrop ~4x4 -For trade
Originally uploaded by Rose Twofeather Here's a lovely zen by Rose Twofeather that uses Hoodwink, Lacy, Xpetal and Crossroads, as well as some other fantastic tangles she's picked up from others.

There is so much variety in the way tangles can be used. Even if you use a pattern dreamed up by someone else, no one will draw that pattern exactly like you do. If you let yourself zen, and don't try to copy what someone else has done, your sense of how things fit together will create a unique zentangle.