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Zentangle newsletter

Rick and Maria have posted another newsletter.  No tangle patterns this time, but there is some important information about the zentangle trademark.  They are asking people to use some specific wording on their zentangle blogs, lens, etc.  It's a good idea.

Pre-order Sandra Bartholomew's new book

Sandy has listed some more of her Totally Tangled books for pre-order at her etsy site.  There are 15 available at the time of this post.

I'm back, and two tangles were posted while I was gone!

If you haven't already discovered it, while I was offline,  Sandy Bartholomew posted up a storm!  She posted the directions for her tangle pattern, Flutter Tile,  revealed that she is selling Zentangled sneakers at her Etsy store,  and last but not least, she WAS taking pre-orders for her new Totally Tangled zentangle book.  They are sold out!  AUGGGHHHH!!!  I missed my chance.  Don't fear though.  The books will go back on sale, April 29th, when she comes back from her exciting adventure, poking around archeological sites.  I guess I can't begrudge the wait. Much.  (*sobs and replaces the bucket that's full of tears*)

Suzanne McNeil posted about her reception at the Petroleum Club, as well as the directions to Zentangle #12 from her book, Cross Stitch.

I will be without internet access for the next week

Please continue to enter my raffle, and take my poll, and peruse my tangles and art link page!  I'll respond when I'm back online.  Have a great week!

My tangle patterns: Hedebo (and little more about shading)

Recently, I was viewing Fatquarter's blog, and enjoying her beautiful stitching.  You know me, I see, and then there's a tangle, lol!

Check  out her blog, and the stitches that inspired this pattern.

Note how I used Contour to shade in two different ways. In the first, I just added depth to the entire row.  In the second I gave depth to each stitch. 

Guest tangle: Thistle's Crown

My friend Kristy Thomas (aka Rosie Twofeathers aka Flamingolady) has created
a beautiful tangle.  She doesn't have a scanner, so I've scanned and have posted it for her.  This is an easy tangle with an elegant flair.  You can use it in so many different ways!

Please check out my Art Links page

You can get to it on the left side of my Blog, or follow this link.  This is the list of links that I'm getting from people who enter my April 3rd Lama Li journal raffle.  I'll be adding to it as I can, so check back often.  I don't have even half of them listed yet!

There's a little bit of everything, so dive in, enjoy the art, and make some new friends.

New tangle 'Squares' at Suzanne McNeil's site

Suzanne has another post with the pattern Squares , some info about her upcoming book that incorporates quilting and zentangling (whoa!) and a step by step illustration of one of her zentangle drawings.  Great stuff!

Raffle-Ended April 3, 2010

Congratulations to Irish Rose.  She's the winner of my Lama Li journal!

I tend to be a person who grouses and grumbles a lot, but I know I'm blessed.  I like to remind myself of that on occasion by trying to do something that will make others happy, if even for a few moments.

With that in mind, I've decided to raffle off the journal that I've just completed, and I'm going to try and make it an opportunity for members and connoisseurs of the online art community to get to know new people.

So, the raffle prize:  A 40-page Lami Li Passport journal.  Size 3.5" x 7" (8.9 cm x 17.8 cm, if the online calculator I used is correct).  There are 25 zendoodles, which you can see in my Flickr set, here.

1. Give me a link to art--a Flickr site, website, whatever.
2. Explain what kind of art is at this site.  Any art is acceptable, but please add a warning if X-rated.
3.  Leave me contact info.  If you don't want to post it here, you can email me at Flickr or…

My Tangle Patterns: Taurus

To continue a hoofed trend, Shelly Beauch issued a challenge of sorts at the zentangle group, to create a tangle based on our astrological sign.  Here's mine:

My Tangle Patterns: Billy

ATC-The Goats in the Machine
Originally uploaded by molossus aka rooibas After posting this ATC, I was asked for a 'goat' tangle. I was happy to oblige, and hopefully lots of you will be happy to use!

Art from Shelly Beauch and Rose Twofeather

I've been carefully writing down each time I ask someone if I can blog their art, but don't you know--when I went to get it this morning, I couldn't find it anywhere.  I remembered the last few I asked about, but I know there were more.  If I've asked but haven't posted your work, please yell at me.  I want everyone to  see your work!

Pisces                Flowers for Mum
Originally uploaded by Shelly Beauch 

Shelly's done some amazingly creative work with Peacock and Lacy.

Kokoo Byrd ATC ~For Trade

Rose went to town with several of my tangles-- She's used one of my Doguettes and Eggit  and turned Fatkro into a kookoo bird, as well as hi;ighting tree-trunks with Spot. ATC~Trade 

Originally uploaded by Rose Twofeather
I love this stuff!

My Tangle Patterns: Tessallation

I won't lie.  This isn't an easy tangle. It took me a lot of practice to get it right. It's best done in a space at least twice as tall as it is wide.  It isn't an exact tessallation as I draw it, but it could be.  I think for zens, it is best to just let it flow.

Ever since I went to an Escher exhibit, I've wanted to do a tangle like this.  That man was a genius!

For variation, if you give the fish big or curved lips, and feather the fins and tails, you can make them look more like a parrot or chicken.

New Zentangle newsletter and blog entry

Rick and Maria have published another newsletter.  This issue contains a new tangle pattern 'Sh-rock' created by Diane Lachance.  It's perfect for St Patrick's Day.

They've also added another entry to their blog.  They hope people will use the blog to ask questions.

New zentangle/post from Suzanne McNeil

Suzanne has posted Feathers, zentangle #10 on her blog.

My tangle patterns:Contour, Spot, Beedit, Pikrust, and Fatkro-Learn to shade zens

had a 'Du-u-h!' moment the other day.

There are frequent questions about shading in various zentangle/zendoodle forums, and many people ask me specifically about the shading that I do, using pen.  I've thought long about writing up instructions, but it didn't seem right for zens.  I never think about my shading.  I've done it for so long, and it's great fun, because you can go all Escher and baffle brains.  But, if you don't know anything about shading, going in, then it's a complex subject.

How can you zen while worrying about light direction, the 7 types of line, distance...well, it hit me.

These are zens, right?  You learn them by doing.  Molly Hollibaugh's Strircles started me in the right direction.  I created two tangles, Contour and Spot, that incorporate very basic shading.  They can be done standalone in a space or incorporated into other tangles.

Put simply, Contour is a series of slightly slanted lines, roughly even in length and…

Jennifer Maestre's pencil art

pencil urchin
Originally uploaded by jenbutt I'm one of the luckiest people in the world! I just received one of Jennifer Maestre's pencil urchins!

I'm always amazed when I see her fabulous creations, and her urchins are darling. That's your first impression--then you are awed when you realize see the skill that went into making it.

I won't rave here too long--your time will be much better spent looking at her art for yourself. She has pictures posted at her flickr site, her web site (you gotta see this site), and her etsy site.
Go forth and be amazed!
Sandy has a contest for three people to win one of her 'Alphatangle' books!  You can find the details here.

My tangle pattern-Pickerel

My tangle pattern-Pickerel
Originally uploaded by molossus aka rooibas I'm dedicating this pattern to Margaret Storer-Roche. Her blog, Waterblossms, is a delight, and her art inspiring. She's a wonderful friend to all. Her love of all things cactus is well-known, so when this pattern sprang to mind, so did Margaret!

My tangle patterns: Stonebridge

If you are using the string method, the lines between your sections are meant to disappear.  But the main rule of zentangling or zendoodling, is that there are no rules.  So if the mood strikes, and you just want to do something between sections, Stonebridge is the tangle for you.  It's dramatic, it's easy, and it's adds a sense of depth to your zentangle.

New pattern from Suzanne McNeil

If anyone hasn't already seen it, Suzanne McNeil posted zentangle #9, Basketweave, on her blog, in a post that also includes an opportunity to win copies of her two zentangle books.

Sandy Bartholomew talks about her upcoming book

Sandy has finished the first draft of her book,!  I!  To summarize her post, 52 pages, over 100 NEW tangles, and under $20 dollars.  It should be out in May.  To read the full post, go here.

My blog was hacked!

I couldn't get to my blog for the last couple of days because of malware directing me elsewhere.  I apologize to anyone who's been trying to log in and couldn't.  I hope it wasn't a contagious virus!  I think it came from the RealTime counter gadget I added, so if you have similar problems consider removing that gadget.

Got a zentangle kit? Would you tell me about it for a review?

I'm intending to do a review of the Zentangle kit, and I'd like to hear from people who have used them.  I'm interested in knowing what you liked or did not like.  Please let me know what level of experience you had before starting to zentangle.  This isn't to judge your answer, but to help me break down my review for beginners, intermediate and experienced artists. I feel each will get something different from the kit.

Thank you for any help you give me.