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I decided a wanted a handy dandy wallet for carrying various small sizes of art paper--ATC size, 3.5 x 3.5 and 4x4, so I bought a sheet of Tyvek for $2 bucks, had it cut down, and started tangling. Once I covered one side of a 10x14 sheet (the finished sheet is the example I used for the tangle Intersect), I looked up an origami pattern online, and started folding. Too much of my zentangle was covered in the finished result, and lots of white showed, so I did some more tangling afterward. And here 'tis:

Inside wallet showing the pockets      Outside wallet showing pockets

Artwork outside wallet:

Artwork inside wallet:
I'm happy with the size and shape of the wallet, but the ink does leave a faint smudge on my fingers, and I'm enjoying the whole process.  I've got some more Tyvek, so I'm going to make more.  I'm painting an acrylic background before tangling this time.  We'll see if that helps make the ink less liable to wear.

My tangle pattern: Intersect

I tell ya, I get as excited as a little kid when I realize a truth about patterns.  The gaps of a complex pattern are the secret. 
If you figure out the repetition that occurs around the gaps, you've got the pattern.  Take this interweaving of four triangles.  I spent forever trying to figure out how decide which triangle was on top and how they related.  Now I had been working out the steps for the pattern 'Stoic', which Rick and Maria haven't posted yet, and I suddenly realized this was the same concept. 
I won't lie.  This is still a pattern that takes a little practice.  You have to learn to ignore the triangles, and stay focused on the center.  It's pretty easy once you get the rhythm.
Because it is hard to stop focusing on the triangles, I'm going to write out some instructions.  I'm posting them below the pattern picture, and I recommend you look at it first, and then read only if you find the steps at all confusing, or want an idea of how to bre…

Link to tangle Pattern 'Bronx Cheer'

Rick and Maria Thomas have posted a new tangle, Bronx Cheer, designed not only to a fun tangle, but also a way to cover-up spots that you don't like!  Not that I ever have any of those (don't I wish).

My tangle pattern: Quatiny

Today's offering relies heavily on shading for a 3D look. You could do it without, but it looks so-o-o much cooler with. You can use this a border, or fill, or, if you look at my sample, you can see how to use it as a string.

My tangle pattern: Kalancho

I thought I had already posted this.  It's the last of my cactus inspired patterns (for now, anyway!).  Once again nature shows her obsession with repetition.  I've done my example as being fairly true to life, but you can go crazy with this one, adding more swirls and flourishes than Snidely Whiplash's mustache, or forgetting the vines and repeating the bell shapes to create circles and squares (or strings for your zentangles!).  Enjoy!

Link to tangle pattern Triangles

Suzanne McNeil has posted the instructions to her pattern, Triangle, with variations.

My tangle pattern: Ingsmoor

This week's fascination has been with geometric shapes. I've come up with a few patterns based on them. This first has the advantage of being both geometric and floral. I give you Ingsmoor.

EraserQueen's raffle

A friend of mine is also having a raffle for this beautiful peacock.  She also has a video where you can watch her paint it.  Just Click where the peacock tells you to!

Tangle Variations

Mary Elizabeth Martin has posted a zentangle with some interesting variations on Crescent Moon and Hollibaugh. Go and be inspired!

Raffle for Saturday, June 12-closed

The winner of 'The Bridge to the Bubble Forest' is Hopewilbanks.
Thank all of you for joining!
I haven't done one of these for a while. Inspiration failed me this evening, and I couldn't think of a name for this 8x10 zentangle that I finished. Share some of your inspiration and tell me what you see in the drawing, and I'll through your name in drawing for June 12th.
Cheesh!  Forget to say that the raffle is for the drawing!  They say the mind is the first thing to go.

My Tangle Pattern: Otopo

Sometimes when I'm tangling, I'll get this little itch that tells me there is a pattern that I'm just not seeing.  Sometimes it can take weeks before I figure out what it is that I've recognized but not seen.  I love that moment when after trying and trying to find it, the pattern suddenly leaps out at me.  It's like discovering a slice of the universe. 
So here you are.  A little slice of universe pie.

Link to Pattern: Scream

Vicki Murray has added a tangle to her 'Tangles to Try' section.  Turns out I'm not the only one who does more realistic type tangles!

Link to tangle pattern and String Idea

Somehow, I missed a pattern on Mother's Day. When I found it, I realized it was perfect for use as a string. Cameron Henneman's mother Toni, posted the instructions to his pattern, Bamo.  (The pattern is toward the bottom of the post, so be sure to scroll down).
Obviously, Cameron has inherited his mother's talent!
Here's my drawing using his pattern:

Featured Artist: Margaret Storer-Roche (aka Waterblossoms)

One more featured artist for the day!  Margart Storer-Roche is an accomplished artist who does lovely batik-like ATCs and journal pages as well as marvelous zentangles such as the one you see here.  She does a gemlike 'Rauschi' and exquisite 'Lacy'.  I wish I could do them as well!

Featured artists: Kikken42, Rose Twofeather and Gabriel Productions

Here are another three artists, whose work I can't get enough of!  I love what Kikken42 did with my 'Lotzadotz' and Rose Twofeather made creative use of Kristy's Crown', which is a variation of her own 'Thistle's Crown'.  And I received a lovely email from Gabriel Productions, where she sent me a copy of her fantastic 'Ton-o-Molossus Patterns'.  What a thrill!  These three have lots of other work posted at their Flickr sites.  Be sure to check them out! Kikken42 photostreamRose Twofeather's photostream
Gabriel Productions photostream
Ton-o-Molossus Patterns

Featured Artist-VintagePix

I'm so behind showing off some of my fave artists. I'm hoping I can remember everyone I've asked. It's terrible getting old and slow and forgetful (that's my story, and I'm sticking to it, lol!).
That said, here is some absolutely fantastic work by Vintagepix.  Check out her Flickr site.  She has some lovely photos and sketches and mixed media work as well as her doodles.

She's posted a fantastic example of her tangle journal that I hope she'll let me blog about as well.  I'll give you a link to it, just in case I forget, lol!

My tangle pattern: Kaziest

Here's yet another cactus-inspired pattern, in both free-form and crittur-doodle versions.  Enjoy!

My tangle pattern: Strungout and more strings

I decided to try using some more patterns to create strings, and ended up creating a pattern to use.  It's easy, and you can choose to make it simple and light, or more heavily patterned and dark, according to what you need.
I recommend starting with one row of squigglies down the center, and then adding after you fill the sections.  That way you'll know if you want white space or dark.

Using Strungout string
Using Laced by Mary Elizabeth Martin

Link to tangle pattern Gingko

Jo Newsham has posted instructions to her pattern, Gingko, in the Flick group photostream.

String Idea

I was a little stuck for string inspiration the other day. I do several things--place dots at random and hook 'em up; draw series of 8' at random; trace or draw the outline of several objects (by the time the tangles are done, the shapes are lost), but I still felt I was repeating myself.

I've been wanting to play with Toni Henneman's Agestra, and it suddenly struck me. I'd use it as my string. Then I tried Shelly Beauch's Blooming Butter, and then my own Thoofen. What fun!

Craft Dinner                                                                               Boda Bag
First step for 'Flower Petals'. Second Step for 'Flower Petals'. Flower Petals

My tangle pattern: Variegata

Here are two versions of another cactus inspired pattern. It make an interesting fill for any free-form shape, or you can use the crittur-doodle version, that looks like a cactus.

The pattern version:

The crittur doodle version:

Link to Patterns: Bookworm & Huggins

Vicki Murray has added the instructions to Bookworm & Huggins in her Tangles to Try section.

Link to tangle Pattern Koi

Lacemuse aka KatieMackaysbathworks has posted the directions to her pattern, Koi.  It's easy and fun.

Link to Pattern, Knitted

Suzanne McNeil has posted the directions to her pattern, Knitted., or is it Knitting.  Lol!  It's a  fast, fun tangle, either way.

My Tangle Patterns: Salessin

This is a great tangle to play around with. You can change its appearance considerably by shading differently and it's fantastic for using with color.

My tangle patterns: Tedulibb

Taking a break from cacti, and coming back to something 3D, Tedulibb resembles a box with paper clips inside. You can put any shape--circles, squares--inside the box. Notice the shading on the paper clips. It follows the shape one side. If you change the shape, the shading will still be on one side, but will follow the new shapes.

My tangle patterns: Zahara and Link to patterns-Tasket & Hytingu

Sample with Zahara                                                        Sample with Hytingu
First off, Sandra Bartholomew posted a challenge to recreate one of the patterns,Tasket, that she discovered on her recent voyages. I'm not one to leave a challenge like that alone, and I did recreate it. And I'm not one   to leave a pattern alone, so I also came up with a variation, Hytingu. You can find both at Beez in the Belfrey.

Zahara, today's pattern, is another one of those that I have to consider a variation. The basis for it, is one of the first designs that many people come up with. I'm not sure if anyone has ever posted it as a pattern, though I'd be surprised if no one has. I believe I've given it a twist that makes it different enough to post as my own, and it fits the themes I've been working with lately--cactus and repetition.

Notice that unlike Marneriani the repetition in the pattern goes round and round, mandala style. But for your own variations…

Link to Patterns:Xyp, Kandysnake, Linked & Zendylion

Vicki Murray has posted Tangles to Try at her Wetpaint site.  Check out her Tips, Techniques & Ideas for some great hints on creating Strings.

I should do a post like that.

My tangle patterns: Marneriani

Here's another cactus inspired pattern.

Notice that there is a theme to these cactus inspired patterns.  One that is seen so often in nature, and that is repetition.  You repeat the same shape over and over.  With Marneriani, it's the placement that gives you a twisting vine look.  Instead of going in a circle with the repeating shape, you stay with one side, and start adding length.

Link to Crittur Doodles: KittyCatz 1 & 2

Flowiequeenie27 has posted tangle instructions for KittyCatz 1 & 2.  They're darling!!!

My tangle patterns: Inersis

This is a weave pattern.  It was inspired by a cactus, although it doesn't look like it.  I know there are a lot of weaves out there, but I don't think I've seen one like this before.  Let me know if you have.

Link to links:

Linda aka Tanglepatterns on Flickr, has created a website,  She has the links to 50 different tangle patterns, and is adding more every day.  It's a massive task, but she's doing a wonderful job. 

You can choose different ways to list the patterns so you can customize your search.  Lost track of a favorite pattern.  Wondering if you've missed any of the official or CZT patterns?  Here's the place to find out.

Crittur Doodles: Use and Whoot!

These two patterns could be used as borders (though rather large ones), but they aren't traditional tangle patterns. I've decided to call this kind of pattern a 'Crittur Doodle', though I'll also tag it as a tangle pattern so people searching on that term will still find them.

I was working on a much more traditional design (which I'll try to get posted tomorrow), but these guys kept smoodging in, so I drew 'em.