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Link to official tangle pattern Tink.

Rick & Maria Thomas have posted the instructions a new pattern- Tink.

Link to tangle patterns 'eee' & 'Braysl'

Ildiko, she who also shared her recipe for her tasty zakuska, has posted instructions to two new tangle patterns, 'eee' & 'Brasy', at her blog, Cukipok Doodles.

My tangle pattern: Zizyphus

Around 2 or 3 hundred thousand years ago, there's this guy who finds a stick. "Huh" he thinks, and picks it up 'cause it might be good for something.  He's dragging it in the dirt and he happens to look back, and sees the mark he's made.  "Huh" he thinks (not a great thinker, this one), and he starts playing around making marks in the dirt with the stick.  Then a Sabertooth tiger or something big with claws and teeth jumps out of the bush and eats him because he wasn't paying attention.
But the point is that this pattern has been around for at least that long.  It's one of the basics, because it's really cool, and you can get a shimmery effect in the center.  And because it's an example of 'Notan', a balance of light and dark.  You can look at this and see spiny thorns radiating toward a center like cactus barricade, or you can see spikes radiating outward like rays from the sun.  The white (or negative space) has as much wei…

Link to Tangle pattern: Traffic & Snakeskin

Two new patterns have been posted at Freehand Doodle Patterns.

Simply Mackey's Girl has posted a pattern, Traffic.  She's even included two different ways to create the design.

Mariët Dronten NL has posted her pattern Snakeskin.


My tangle pattern: Appearance

It's a fruitful day.  Carole Ohl posted her pineapple pattern, and mine uses pears.  More or less.  Feel free to substitute other fruits or shapes. I think asymmetrical shapes are more interesting with this design,than symmetrical, such as circles, would be, but play with this and discover what your own preference is.

Link to tangle Pattern 'Pina'

Carole Ohl shares the fruitful steps to her tasty tangle 'Pina'.

My tangle pattern: Zanella

The Phrontistery describes the word Zanella as 'mixed twilled umbrella fabric'.  This pattern sort of makes me think of looking down at a sidewalk cafe, at umbrella tops. 
I could have shown this with fewer steps, but I thought the lines might confuse the eye, so I did the long version. 

Link to tangle Pattern 'Arrowheads'

Linda Farmer has posted instructions to another of her own patterns, 'Arrowheads', at

My tangle pattern: Zumbador

According to the Phrontistery, a zumbador is a South American hummingbird. I think these look more like parakeets, but hey! All in the same family!

Link to tangle pattern 'Bundles'

Suzanne McNeil has posted instructions to her tangle 'Bundles'.  She also has a link to a YouTube video showing the zentangle process.

Link to pattern Amaizeng

Jo Newsham has posted instructions to her amazing tangle 'Amaizeng'.

Link to tangle Pattern Puzzled 109

Ellen of Ellen's Tangles has posted instructions to her pattern 'Puzzled 109'.

My tangle pattern: Zythum

According to the Phrontistery dictionary, Zythum is an ancient Egyptian beer. I believe the Egyptians stored it in containers similar to this. That's my story, anyway, and I'm sticking to it, lol!

My tangle pattern: Zopetto

I got the idea for Zopetto from an artichoke. The leaves seemed like little heart, which I thought would delight many of you. I thought about naming it something like Arti-hearty, but then I discovered the word Zopetto. It's the word for some kind of Italian limping dance. No relation to what  my tangle is, but I love the sound. And hearts mean love, right?

If anyone out there is like me and loves odd words, I found this awesome dictionary at the Phronistery website. It has other awesome word related stuff-the names of unusual animals, numeric stuff, 2 & 3 letter scrabble words. I could spend hours there! 

Link to lotsa tangle Patterns
Jane Monk has posted the instructions to her pattern 'Plaid'. It's gorgeous!

Jo Newsham has posted instructions to her pattern 'Limpitz'.  It's whimsical, but her example is beauty exemplified!

Cookie is a newcomer to Freehand Doodle patterns, but she's rapidly becoming one of the busiest!  She's posted her patterns:

Gigante Duster
Bad Air Day


List of Tangle Names

For the updated list, please check out the Tangle List page.  It gets updated once or twice a week.

This list contains all the tangle patterns I know of, that have been published or posted on the internet. My current count is 582 (I deleted my own tangles that haven't yet been posted). I've posted this to the left as a permanent 'Page' and will try to keep it updated as much as possible.

Let me know if there are patterns I've missed, or you think I've mis-credited. I'm not positive with some of the 'official tangles'.

Title Artist
1 88s - molossus
2 Aah - Official Tangle
3 Abacus - Sandra Bartholomew
4 Adele - Sandra Bartholomew
5 Aegis - molossus
6 Afterglo -Carole Ohl
7 Agestra - Toni Henneman
8 Algae - Flowerlady56
9 Alice - Shelley Trube
10 Alpenglow- molossus
11 Alps - Sandra Bartholomew
12 Amanita - molossus
13 AmberLeaf - Toni Henneman
14 Ambler - Official Tangle
15 Annet - molossus
16 Appaloosa - molossus
17 Avreal - Official Tangle
18 Awdry …

Zakuska's not just for drawing. You can eat it too!

When I titled one of recent patterns 'Zakuska', I did know that it was the word for an hors d'œuvre, but I didn't know much beyond that.  

Imagine my delight when Ildiko, who lives in Romania, sent me a recipe!  It looks delicious!  I'd have to forego all but a little oil, but otherwise, this is a recipe I can and will use! 

For those who are like me (and need to look up 'Bain Marie'), a double-boiler is essentially a stove-top version of a Bain Marie. 

Ildiko is a talented zentangler as well as a cook.  She's just started a blog, Cukipok Doodles, for her zens.

Ildiko's recipe (Enjoy!):

the recipe is saying that we'll need:
10 grilled eggplants
30 pieces red pepper (chopped)
2 liter tomatoe juice(homemade would be great)
1 kg onion (chopped)
1 liter oil
salt(after your taste)

you frie the pepper then the onion in the oil than you add the tomatoe juice,eggplant and salt.stir it about 1 hour.put it while hot in glass jars and" bain marie&q…

On being absent, tangles passing the 600 mark, and other bits of gossip

First off, I want to apologize for being absent so much lately.  There is nothing dire happening, but I'm going through a spell of swimming with piranhas--you know, where you get pulled in all directions by all the small things, and end up with nothing to show for it, lol.

I've also made a life change (at least that's the plan).  I'm quite frankly overweight, have arthritis, and my husband has been doing nothing to control his diabetes.  At work, we were offered a free Kinetix program with club membership.  It's very close to the zone diet, and I get a personal coach for 4 weeks, a gym bag, a scale (it breaks down the percentage of body fat, lean muscle mass and water) and a heart monitor wrist watch. I also got samples of the Kinetix cereal and bars. I thought I would be a fool to pass up the opportunity. It's a necessary change, and I already feel better, but I have to admit I'm bitter about using time exercising and making up menus and shopping instead o…

Wowee! Links to 13 tangle patterns

Two new members to Freehand Doodle Patterns, Gabriel Productions, and Cookie's Crafts have posted the instructions to some wondeful patterns.  Way to go!

Gabriel Productions

Melon Balls

Cookie's Crafts

Sliced Bread
Snayl's Trayl
Stone Walled
Stepin Stones
Tile Octagon
Hit a Rock Pile
Pikit Fintz

My tangle pattern: Beanstalk

You know, Jack's beanstalk had to be a mighty fancy plant.  In all the fairytale books I've read, it's always just shown as a big green thing--a giant version of the mundane plant, and I don't buy it.  I think it had to be something flashy, yet elegant.  So here's my version-the beanstalk in a tuxedo.

Link to tangle pattern 'Chard'

Linda Farmer has come up with another wonderful pattern, Chard.  While you are there be sure to look around her site.

Link tangle pattern Netting

Suzanne McNeil has posted the instructions to her pattern Netting.

Link to 8 new tangles

Pam Pincha-Wagener has posted the instructions to 8 of her patterns at Freehand Doodle Patterns.


My tangle pattern: Zakuska

Well,  I was trying for something totally different--I don't even remember what, lol! But this will do!

My tangle pattern: K-Ning

At a friend's house, I came across a chair upholstered with caning, and decided to turn the pattern into a tangle.
I keep thinking I've got it--I know how to 'look' at patterns and see. And then I could slap myself silly when I discover how far I have yet to go.
I slaved over this pattern, trying to come up with simple steps. Over and over, I tried different starts, like I was playing chess. Finally, I decided it was too complex. I could see and draw the pattern myself, but it was too difficult to break down.
Then I was looking through the zentangle group and admiring some well-done 'Cadent'. BLaa-A---MMMM!!!
This pattern is practically a variation of Cadent! The last zentangle newsletter ( even featured variations of Cadent, yet it took me DAYS! to see the similiarity.
Well, I think the steps are easy now, and there is tons of room for variation. Especially if you've done Cadent.…

link to tangle pattern: Intersection

Suzanne McNeil has posted instructions to her pattern 'Intersection'.

Link to pattern Worms

Lori Howe (aka Lacefairy1) has posted instructions to her pattern Worms.

Link to pattern' Flangle'

SkinnyStrayCat has posted the instructions to her tangle 'Flangle'.

My tangle pattern: Gr8ful

I'm so grateful for 8's.  They've rescued me from the blank page so many times.  They make gr8 strings and gr8 patterns too! 
Gr8ful is a free-form pattern.  The first 3 steps are the base, and after that you go wild!  But w8!  That's not all!  There's more.  You can use stripes, you can use spots, you can even use wiggly-waggly, squiggly lines and it will still be gr8!  But w8!  There's more!!! You don't even have to use 8's and it will STILL be gr8!  You can us other numbers, letters, objects in your room.  You just can't go wrong with this slice and terrific pattern.  And if you accept this offer now, you get a  pair of eyeballs.  Just turn the pattern on its side, and there they are.  With a little creativity and ink, the uses for this pattern are endless.
Ah, it's been a long day.

Link to patterns - traditional Celtic knot instructions

Pam Pincha-Wagener has posted 3 pages of instructions showing the traditional method of drawing celtic knots.  These instructions will allow you to be more precise, but does require creating a grid.  I'm very glad that Pam has posted these.  I think for many of you, this method will be more intuitive.

Page 1,
Page 2,
Page 3.