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Link to tangle pattern Cirquetal

If you haven't already seen it, the latest zentangle newsletter is out, and there are tangle instructions for the tangle "Cirquetal".  Whee!!!!

My tangle pattern Eyen

Here's another pattern that is basically a variation of Japonica, though it doesn't look like it at a glance.

Give yourself room so you can add all the those lines. In fact, I generally do this pattern first when I use it to make sure I don't get crowded.

It makes a great string or border.  

By the way, it looks like a series of eyes to me, so I used an archaic word for eyes, as the name.

The image loader is broken again, so here is the link to Eyen.  And here is a link to a zen using it.

Link to tangle patterns Munchin and Tunnel

Suzanne McNeil has posted instructions to the official tangle "Munchin" and newcomer to Freehand Doodle Patterns, JayCadian202, has posted instructions to "Tunnel".  If you are interested in 3D tangles, be sure to check out Tunnel!

Maybe. Possibly. Probably not.

So sometimes I think about writing a book and trying to get it published.  This is something I've thought about for years and years, well before I discovered zentangles.  I've tried a few stories, but I've never convinced myself that I actually want to wade into the treacherous waters of the publishing industry. 
Especially just for a little glory, and even littler money.  I've got freedom and lots of people to share my work with.  Who needs the publishing industry?
But still.  The idea persists, and lately, it's been persisting more than usual.  This iteration of lunacy has me dwelling on the idea of what would happen if a Humgruffin met a Humgriffin (look at those vowels!) in a zentangle-inspired illustrated novel.  Probably a kid's book.  Or maybe young adult.  Or just something very hard to market, lol!
These two are creatures spun wholly from my head, that I've used inmy  art and have written short (very short) stories about.  If interested you can see …

My tangle Pattern Amaranth

Yay!  Success in images.  Today, anyway! 
So I've been sitting on this pattern for a while because I just wasn't sure that I hadn't already posted it.  But I trawled through my patterns and didn't see it, so it's probably one I was playing with at one time, and never got to the point where I did up the steps.
This makes a nice focal point, a single image or series of images that you use to add interest to something like Keeko or other background patterns.  I like putting stripes in the 'petal' portion, but you could put just about anything in those spaces.   But if your background is busy, keep Amaranth more simple to add contrast. 

Link to tangle patterns Baton and Cheers

Carole Ohl has posted instructions to the tangle pattern Baton, and Sue Clark has given us Cheers.


My tangle pattern Chao Mian

Thank you, Blogger guys, for fixing the image loader!

My tangle pattern Ombros


Sorry guys.  I see that blogger images still have a problem, so I must supply a link to my flickr site again.  You can find the pattern for Ombros here, and an example here.

Enjoy.  I hope!

Link to pattern Pais

Hello!  I'm back, but I'll still be visiting my mother quite a lot, so I don't know how frequently I'll be around for a while.  I've missed you alll!

Carole Ohl has posted instructions to a pattern, Pais, created by one of her students, Mikee Huber.

Link to tangle pattern Wired

Suzanne McNeil has posted the instructions to her pattern "Wired" aka zentangle #40.

I will be offline next week, because I'll be staying with my mother, but I expect to see a lot of new patterns posted when I come back, since the October CZT training will be done, and there will be a bunch of happy, new CZTs all buzzed up and inspired to create tangles.   I'll try to find as many as I can once I get back and post the links here.

If you see any and want to let me know about it (or happen to be one of the new, inspired CZTs) just shoot me a line at  Save me some surfing!

My Tangle Pattern Bouclé

The phrontistery defines Bouclé as a fabric of uneven looped yarn.  I think this pattern has that look--although with shading it can look like metal, or floats bobbing in the waves.
The pattern uses steps similar to Sez and Cadent.  Like Sez, it tends to grow quickly, so give yourself some room.  Don't worry about making the diamonds in between perfect--just make a diamond-like shape in whatever room is left after you circle your circles.

Link to tangle patterns Batz and Bamboo

Tandika has started out her membership in Freehand Doodle patterns by posting two patterns, "Batz" and "Bamboo".

Link to tangle pattern Braidle

SkinnyStrayCat has posted instructions to the pattern 'Braidle'.

Link to tangle pattern "Basketweave"

Suzanne McNeil has posted instructions to her tangle "Basketweave".

Link to tangle pattern Carrés and Demi

Genevieve Crabe aka Amaryllis Creations has posted instructionst to her patterns  Carrés and Demi.

Link to Tangle pattern Gewurtz

Linda Farmer has posted instructions to her tangle pattern Gewurtz.

Links to tangle patterns "ExOh-WAC", "Honey-WAC" and "Foonesse"

Wolfeyes62 has posted instructions to two patterns, "ExOh-WAC" and "Honey-WAC".

And Blogger is, again, not allowing me to post today (though it worked just fine yesterday), so here's a link to my pattern "Foonesse", an example of the type of linework I use for this pattern, and to an example using Foonesse.


Am I the only one having Blogger problems?

My tangle pattern Zapateado

So.  This pattern is very similar to my pattern K-Ning.  Like K-Ning, Zapateado uses the same basic design that Cadent does.  However, while you are trying this one, take note of a couple of things. 

Cadent is built on the square, and Zapateado is built on triangles.  There is a slant to it, and you can change the look by decreasing or increasing the slant.

This is a pattern that can easily be varied and made 3D. Try using polygonal shapes (6-sided is very effective) instead of circles.  Black out or shade different elements, and you get a tangle that looks completely different.

My tangle pattern Zingiber

Why use a simple name when a fancy one will do? Zingiber is another word for Ginger.  But with a Z!  This design vaguely resembles the wild ginger plant, and that's good enough for me.
Shading can turn this into a 3D pattern easily.
You see this kind of repetition, often, in designs.  Official tangles 'Tidal' and 'Man-o-man' make use of it.  Several of my tangles make use of it.  Pick up a daisy and you'll see it. 
You create a center-the diamond in this case.  You repeat an element that goes around the center, such as this teardrop with a swirl.  And then repeat that element, sometimes slightly changed, sometimes not.  You keep repeating it round and round.
This is a way to create your own adhoc patterns.  Use any center shape, and any repeating element that fits to the center.

Link to tangle pattern Jeewels

SkinnyStrayCat has posted the instructions to her pattern "Jeewels".  Enjoy!

Link to tangle pattern Bumble Zee

Denyse Jones has posted the instructions to her pattern "Bumble Zee" at Freehand Doodle patterns.

My tangle pattern: Frankenstein

Hokay.  For some reason, my blog keeps giving me a 'server rejected' whenever I try to upload the art for my next tangle (maybe it's too scary).  It was working fine yesterday, so I don't think (and I fervently hope) it isn't related to my malware problems.

Anyhoo, I have posted the instructions for the pattern "Frankenstein" at my Flickr site, as well as an example using it.  Sorry I have to send you, offsite.  I'm come back and edit this if my blog co-operates, later.

Oh, and while I posting links here, I've had requests concerning the origami pattern I use to fold my ATC wallets.  I use more than one, but most of these are based off this pattern at "ActivityVillage".  I use a 12x12 (in the examply, they use 6x6) to make a wallet juuust right for holding ATC sized paper.

Yes, I'm back--with a whimper not a bang.

This has been my week for attacks.  Bad, bad malware attacked my PC, and some allergy attacked me.  I woke up earlier this week ago covered in itchy welts, and feeling more or less like last week's leftover lettuce.

My face still resembles the texture of pumpkin rind but the itching has stopped, and I'm feeling a little better.  I haven't been too creative, though.

This sort of thing has happened to me before.  I'm allergic to lotsa stuff, so it's hard to say what set me off.  I'm hoping it was the moss killer we had sprayed on the roof.  I wasn't around when they did it, but there might have been enough in the air to do it.  If so, my problem will fade with the spots.

Otherwise.  *sigh*

My tangle pattern: Frairum

Once upon a picture dreary, while I tangled weak and weary, Over many an overused pattern of forgotten lore While I plodded, kind of tangling, suddenly there came a banging, As of ideas gently slamming, slamming against my brainpan door. “Fancy these up,” I muttered,’ “they’ll be better than before.” Only this, and then repeat them more.

So--take any old pattern--say the daisy that probably every doodler in the world chooses as his/her first doodle. Add a dash for decoration, a circle, a slash. Make some dark, make some light. Keep adding more on 'til you've got a bunch. And hey! That old overused pattern looks kind of nice.

It's sort of like making goulash. There isn't much in the house, so you fancy up what you've got.