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Link: Watercolor with Lian Quan Zhen: Grapes

THIS WEEK'S NEW ART WORKSHOP VIDEO at   I love Lian Quan Zhen's version of fingerpainting!

Link: Link to tangle pattern Dancet at

Margaret Bremner's tangle pattern Dancet  is linked to at

Link: Pixie Dust Paperie November Giveaway

This month the Pixie Dust Paperieis giving away FOUR prizes!

Link: The Robin's Nest is having a Blog Hop--Score some Blog Candy!

The Robin's Nest Design team is having a blog hop.  There will be a giveaway at each stop, so hop, hop, hop for chances to win some blog hop candy of the strictly non-caloric kind!

Link: Weekly Challenge No 46: "All Hallow's Eve"

Link: Win An IPod Touch, Nano, Or Shuffle!

Shoplet and Gojo have a contest going on.  Head on over for a chance to Win An IPod Touch, Nano, Or Shuffle.

Mis?Adventures in Watercolor-Splash & Saran Wrap

The triad I played with this weekend is one I came up with on my own.  I like it, includes Rose of Ultramarine.  A beautiful color, but only Lightfast II.  Some still consider that lightfast enough, but you use it at your own risk, lol!  Rose of Ultramarine is a two tone color that lays down as rosy violet.  However, it granulates, and the particles that settle are Ultramarine Blue--so you get a lovely violet with blue specks.  You control the effect to some extent by the amount of water you use.  Laid down as pure pigment, you get a darkish purple.

Instead of doing the last step of painting circle over circles, I decided to try the Splash technique show in
Watercolor Without Boundaries with Karlyn Holman, Part 1.  I got some interesting effects, but found it harder to control than shown in the video.  As always, practice, practice, practice is the key!

And, after I did it, I coulda kicked myself.  I wanted to show you the Rose of Ultramarine effect, and the splashes kind of …

Kissing Gourami Zentangle®-inspired art

Sorry for the fuzzies--the spiral binding makes a 2 page spread hard to scan. Pentel Pocket Brush pen over Letraset Promarker over gesso in Mead Day Runner.

Link: Watercolor Without Boundaries Part 1


Link: Decorating shoes--Promarker and Flexmarker Tutorial

Genevieve Crabe's Weekly Roundup 10/28/11

Genevieve Crabe Weekly roundup of and drawing articles, tutorials, and new tangles.

365 Things to Write About: A Review and A Story

A couple of weeks ago, I won a copy of 365 Things To Write About from Julie O'Kami (she wrote a review).

The book itself is simple in design--lined pages with a prompt, and nothing more.  But that leaves you lots of room to write in, and that's what this book is all about.  The extra comes in the form of a Facebook Page: 365 Things to Write About, and a blog  If you are considering the NanoWriMo challenge (National Novel Writing Month--every November, this group challenges you to write a novel), this book might prove invaluable.

Besides the looming onset of Nano WriMo, if you buy a copy of the book by October 31, 2011, the authors are donating 100% of the their royalties from the sales to the Los Angeles Fund for Public Education.  So if you are in the market for something like this, don't wait--

I'm not going to attempt the NaNo WriMo--I've done that foolishness before, an…

Link: MyOats Online Design Community

Beth Skipper sent me the link to an online community that hosts a doodle software that allows you to create beautiful designs and share them with the community.  The software lends itself to creating mandalas, but it is possible to draw other things as well.

I've got a couple of deadlines to meet so I didn't take the time to draw anything or join up--but I hope to soon.

Link: Who wants to win 1 of 20 New Rhodia WebPlanners?

Head on over to Rhodia Drive for a chance to win a 2012 WebPlanner.  There will be 20 winners!

Link: Making Jasperware Ornaments from Creative Paperclay®

Martha Stewart Step-by-Step showing to make Jasperware Ornaments from Creative Paperclay®.

Link: How to Make A Sleeping Pig with Creative Paperclay®

Debbie Luttrell has posted a tutorial showing how you can make a little sleeping pig--with wings--out of Creative Paperclay®.

Link: Free Downloadable video-How to Draw Noses

Darrell Tank, of the 5-pencil method, has a new free video lesson available for download (until Nov. 1).  If you are new to his 5-pencil method, be sure to check out his website.  There are other free lessons, and lots of lovely DVDs to buy as well!

Link: Win a copy of 'How to Draw Steampunk'

Enter Craftside's giveaway for a chance to win a copy of How to Draw Steampunk' .

Links to tangle pattern Gigi and Joie

Lizzie Mayne has posted steps to her tangle patterns Gigi and Joie.

Link:Improve Your Watercolor with Chinese Techniques with Lian Quan Zhen

Video: Improve Your Watercolor with Chinese Techniques with Lian Quan Zhen

Link: A Zentangle Tile Book Giveaway from Jane Monk

CZT Jane Monk is giving away a handmade Zentangle Tile Book.

Link: Steampunk Horse by Cindy Dauer

A guest tutorial by Cindy Dauer at the Copic blog.  Really cool!

Link: Watercolor and Graphite Sketches as Compositional Studies

Link: Free Downloadable Art Video

Larry Weiss has a video lesson in watercolor painting free for downloading.

Link: Make a Spiderweb Barrette with Creative Paperclay® & Amazing Mold Putty

Learn to make a cool Spiderweb Barrette made using Creative Paperclay® and Amazing Mold Putty.  I can't wait to get hold of some of the Amazing Mold Putty to try out!

Link to tangle patterns Anuz and Oakie

CZT Norma J Burnell has posted steps to her tangle patterns Anuz and Oakie.

Link to tangle patterns Fanz and Blowin' Leaf

Carol Ottaway has posted steps to her tangle patterns Fanz and Blowin' Leaf.

Link: Colouring Challenge #5 from Letraset-free downloadable art

Letraset is having its fifth Coloring Challenge. Download the free line art and color for your own pleasure, or enter it for the chance to win a ProMarker 12 Set (winners choice)plus a Colour Me Good Colouring Book.

Death and Immigration-a short story

A few years back I did quite a bit of writing.  I was going through some old disks and came across this file.  It seems a fit for the season and I thought you might enjoy it.
December 22, 2006, 16:26 This isn’t exactly a Halloween story.But it warns against a very real danger. I based it on a really, totally true story I heard from my husband's aunt, who heard it from a second cousin once removed, who overheard the neighbor's pool-cleaner talking about it.

Death and Immigration

"What do you mean I can't enter the country? I'm a United States citizen."

"Well, technically, not any more, sir," the immigration officer stated, his voice even, but firm. "Your SPR levels--Supernatural-Paranormal Readings--were off the scale. You're a vampire, sir. That means you died, and hence, are no longer a legal citizen of the United States. You are now considered to be a contagious disease."

I frowned, started to shake my head, and stopped. I was coming …

Mis?Adventures in Watercolor-Self Portrait in California Quail

While I was playing around with the colors from Daniel Smith's California Quail triad, I suspected that they would be good colors for portrait. They are very versatile colors.

I've thought about painting a self portrait for a while, and decided to give it a whirl.

Way back when, some 35 years ago or so, I painted portraits in oils.  I was surprised how easily the skill came back.  But what you have here is essentially an oil-painting done using watercolors, lol!

I'm not unhappy with it, but I want to do more watercolory things!

Colors: Lunar Blue, Quinacridone Burnt Orange and French Ochre.

Link: October Coloring Contest at Copic

Download free line art, and color for your own pleasure, or follow the directions and enter it to win the Copic Marker of your choice!

Link: The link for tangle pattern Woven posted at

The link for Suzanne McNeil's tangle pattern Woven has been posted at

Link: Dangerous Doodle - 'Awesome Overlap' pattern

Miraculous Mosquito has posted a video showing how to draw her latest Dangerous Doodle!

Link: Weekly Challenge #45: New Tangle Punzel

Laura Harms' latest challenge is to use the new 'official' tangle Punzel.

Review of a Zentangle case

A while back I won a cool hard drive case perfect for carrying Zentangle supplies with a hand-made customized zipper pull from Erin, of the Bright Owl blog.

About the time my prize arrived, I thought I'd be going to the Oregon Coast.  "Wow!" I thought.  "I can take some fantastic pictures of this case, bristling with zentangle supples, against a backdrop of cascading waves.  It'll be so perfect!"

Well.  The trip didn't happen.  Hubby had to work, but promised we'd go soon.

I can be incredibly stubborn.  I really, really, really wanted shots of this case, using a vacation setting.  But nearly two months later, I know the vacation isn't happening any time soon.

So I've settled for shooting the case against a backdrop of a pillow slip, lol.

I've managed to get a Rhodia graph paper journal, zentangle cards from Sandra Bartholomew, several 3.5 x 3.5 paper tiles, a golf pencil, a micron, a Pentel gel pen, and a watermelon-color Sharpie Finep…

Bleedthrumanade-Shaped by Insomnia

Insomnia, my old friend, has come visiting again, so of course I resort to tangling away the night hours.  I drag all day, and I'm horribly cranky, but in the deep of night, when the earth is still, there is a strange peace. Huddled on the couch, with a blanket wrapped around me and tangling away, there is a calm that's not found by day.  I'm going to accept that as a gift, and stop fighting the lack of sleep.  I suspect I'll get past the insomnia all the faster for doing that.

In other words--got lemons?  Make lemonade.  Got marker bleedthru, make bleedthrumanade.

Ingredients: Letraset Promarkers, Rhodia 'R' Pad, Pentel Pocket Brush Pen.

Link to tangle pattern Organza Again

Texasdoxiemama, aka Linda Rea, has posted steps to her tangle pattern Organza Again.

Link: Orange and Black Halloween Office Supply Giveaway from Shoplet

Shoplet is having an Orange and Black Halloween Office Supply giveaway at their blog!  Three winners will get a a package of color-co-ordinated office supplies!

Link to tangle pattern Strata

CZT Jane Monk has posted steps to her tangle pattern Strata.

Links to tangle patterns Chainging and Punzel

Rick and Maria Thomas have posted the latest newsletter with steps to their official tangle Chainging and a tangleation Punzel.

Mis?Adventures in Watercolor: Circle Triad Tutorial Part 1

I’ve been getting lots of questions about the process I’m using with my circle triads, and how to get the circles, so I decided to write up a tutorial. Painting a circle triad is actually a simple process.  Explaining it however, isn’t.  I wish I could just show you, but a tutorial will have to do.
I’ve split this into two posts.   This first post concerns the decision making.  I’m basing it on the questions I’ve been getting—how to choose the colors for a triad; what supplies are needed, etc.
The second post will be a step-by-step with photos, and very simple explanations
Circle triads
What’s a circle triad?  The word triad means a group of three.  If you limit your palette to three colors, it is easier to see how they work together and what colors can be mixed by blending them.  Students are often set to doing triad paintings, and some artists do little else.
I fine color charts and color wheels to be frustrating.  They work well to explain theory, but my brain doesn’t translate what it …

Mis?Adventures in Watercolor: Circle Triad Tutorial Part 2

I’ve been getting lots of questions about the process I’m using with my circle triads, and how to get the circles, so I decided to write up a tutorial. Painting a circle triad is actually a simple process.Explaining it however, isn’t.I wish I could just show you, but a tutorial will have to do.
I’ve split this into two posts.The first post concerns the decision making.I’m basing it on the questions I’ve been getting—how to choose the colors for a triad; what supplies are needed, etc.
This second post will be a step-by-step with photos, and very simple explanations

Circle triads step-by-step
The colors used in this step-by-step are those from the Old Masters Triad—Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna and Payne’s Gray.  But the steps are the same no matter what colors you are using, so I will refer to these colors as yellow, red, and blue throughout the tutorial.
Step 1. I like to start with a wash.  I want the values to be light or it is difficult to build a range of light to dark. With this step, I …

Links to tangle patterns Torzon Lace, Flez and Wirlz

Lacefairy1, aka Lori Howe, has just posted steps to her tangle patterns, Torzon Lace, Flez and Wirlz!

I'm a member of the Creative Paperclay® Design Team!

If you follow my blog, you've most likely noticed that I've been posting links to Creative Paperclay® projects, and have posted a project or two of my own.  I love this product--it's easy to handle, and it air-dries. A novice can learn to use it quickly, and an expert can make it sing!  It's perfect for an experimenter like myself.  When the call for a design team went out last month, I was intrigued. I've never been on a design team before, and had been wondering what it was all about.  I'd been talking with Terri Sproul, the Design team co-ordinator, and she encouraged me to try out.

I did, and I was accepted.  I'm so excited to begin this new adventure.
Do all you know me?  I'd like to think so, lol, but I should introduce myself.  My name is Sandra Strait, but my online persona is Molossus.  That's an obsolete term for a big dog (such as my two boys (gone, alas) who were mastiffs, weighing in around 250 lbs)  It's also a term for certain kinds …

Geneviève Crabe's Weekly Roundup 10/21/11

Genevieve Crabe Weekly Roundup | Tangle Harmony www.amarylliscreations.comZentangle Harmony - Zentangle art, classes, and more

Link to tangle pattern Tyled

Texasdoxiemama, aka Linda Rea, has posted steps to her tangle pattern Tyled.

Link to tangle patterns Turtz and Flyz

Lacefairy1, aka Lori Howe, has posted to her tangle pattern Turtz and Flyz.

Link: New ProMarker Ultra-fine Edition – HAIR

The HAIR colour set  contains Chesnut, Walnut, Ginger, Pastel Yellow & Buttercup.  Great for hair, but these would make a fabulous bleedthrumanade too! Each ProMarker Ultra-fine Edition set also contains 5 ultra-fine nib attachments, and these are perfect for adding shading and texture to small areas of hair.

Link to tangle pattern Golven

Mariët has posted steps to her tangle pattern Golven.

Link:130 Creative Paperclay® Apple Ornaments

Link to tangle patterns Dewdrops, Biters and Flourish

Sandy Bartholomew introduces Jennifer Carson and her three tangle patterns Dewdrop, Biters and Flourish.

Jennifer is an artist of many facets (I won a fantastic Lake Nessie pattern from her a few months ago, it is awesome). Sandy has a video, illustrations and information on Jennifer's new book project.  She is looking for funding for her book Hapenny Magic--go to Kickstarter to learn what wonderful gifts you can get for pledges.

Special on Letraset Aqua Markers this weekend.

This weekend only at, Letraset is offering a £3 voucher for use on Aqua Marker products and 50% off their range of Aqua Inks.  (There is a slideshow type banner toward the top of the page.  If you don't see the voucher offer immediately, wait a few seconds and it will slide into view).

Link to tangle pattern Swurly

CZT Lara Williams, has posted steps to her tangle pattern Swurly.

Link: Zentangle'Ween Art Cards - A Blockheads Design Team Project!

Zentangle'Ween Art Cards - A Blockheads Design Team Project!  Some cool Halloween cards that use zentangle!

Link to tangle pattern Scallops

Suzanne McNeil has posted steps to her tangle pattern Scallops, as well as a link to a video showing how to zentangle your pumpkins!

Link to tangle pattern Wimple

Zendoodle-Wege, aka Phine has posted the steps to her tangle pattern Wimpel.

Mis?Adventures in Watercolor-Where's the Blue?

Yes!  Two Mis?Adventures in one day!

I may come back and work more on this to deepen the values, but I was getting caught up in trying to create flowers, not explore colors, so I stopped.

Don't ask what kind of flowers, lol!  They are actually just patterns, not much different than doing the circles.

Turns out that Lunar Blue makes a nice green and violet, but loses the blue very quickly.

Colors: Lunar Blue, Rhodonite Genuine and Azo Yellow.

Link: Capturing Green

While playing with my triads, I've definitely found that green is the hardest to come by, at least when glazing (layering colors and letting the transparent pigments show through rather than mixing on the palette). Oranges and purples and grays and browns seem to take care of themselves, but green takes some work.

Linda Farmer sent me a link to an article by Charles Sovek on mixing greens and it's one that is useful for watercolor, oils or acrylics.

Charles has many other articles as well, and the few I've read so far are all excellent, and good for more than one medium. I particularly like his article on Finding the Three Shapes Under Everything and Creating Effective Shadows.

Link: Meet the CZT #7 graduating class

Read about the graduating CZTs of class #7 at

Mis?Adventures in Watercolor-Introducing Lunar Blue

A while back I posted about the California Quail triad from Daniel Smith.  I really liked the colors and with what I've learned the past couple of weeks between my class and my triad experiments, I knew I'd get more out of this pigments this time around.
Lunar Blue is a fantastic color.  If you paint it thick, it's a dark gray, similar to Payne's gray.  But juice it up with lots of water, and the most wonderful thing happens.  Look at this close-up.  Particles in the pigment separate, and you get an almost Robin's Egg blue with marvelous black specks.

Mix that with French Ochre (very similar to Yellow Ochre) and Quinacridone Burnt Orange) and you think rocks and deserts, and parched stone.  But remember.  Daniel Smith chose to use it to paint a quail!  It's surprisingly versatile.  After painting this, I'm of a mind to try for a painting of small brook with water running over the stones, and perhaps a brilliant tiny fish or two, weaving around them.

I won a Snow Shoe kit from the Pixie Dust Paperie!

Squeee!  I won again! I won the SNOW SHOE kit from the Pixie Dust Paperie!!!! I won't list all the items in the kit (though you can see them listed at their store) until I can post pictures, but meanwhile I asked Kirsty Vittetoe, the Pixie-in-Chief, to tell me more about the Pixie Dust Paperie, and this is what she has to say: Pixie Dust Paperie is a monthly kit club dedicated to bringing you the newest products available in the paper crafting industry. Each month, you will receive a beautifully designed kit with the latest papers and embellishments, all designed to coordinate perfectly, and ready for you to create, whether it's scrapbook pages, cards, a mini album, a coffee table brag book, or altered projects, you will find lots of inspiration and new ideas here at Pixie Dust Paperie. Consider checking out their blog.  They have pixie challenges on the 20th of each month, new projects every day using the current kit for the month, and a giveaway every month. Plus the Pixie Blog…

Links to tangle patterns Opposites, Curtain, NEWS, Tacks & Clockwises

Belatrix29, aka Helena, has posted steps to her tangle patterns:






Mis?Adventures in Watercolor-Controlling the Pigment

I had my second watercolor class yesterday.  I won't post what I painted because it is ghastly and not worth trying to save.  But, in painting it I worked through some problems I've had controlling values because my water to paint ratio was messed up.  I thought I was using enough water, but  wasn't, and the answer that made me laugh...

I was struggling to figure how much water I needed, for the values I needed to establish the composition, and the teacher walked by.  "I usually mix up my paints to a consistency before I start painting," she said.  "That way I'm stuck with it."

Lol!  How simple.  Mix to one consistency beforehand.  That way you learn to use that consistency.  No decisions as you are painting, and you can concentrate on other things.  You can always try a different consistency on your next painting.

When I got home, I tried this out on a circle triad, and Yes!  I did have a great deal more control.  I mixed up a circle of paint about…

Link: Pouring Watercolor on Canvas

Video demo showing how to paint by pouring watercolor on canvas.

Link: Thumbtack Pumpkins

Shoplet shows us some pumpkins decorated with thumb tacks! What a quick and easy idea, but these are gorgeous!

Link: Doll made with Creative Paperclay®

It's amazing what you can do with Creative Paperclay®.  I just love this doll.

Link: Win Letraset Promarker End Dots

Letraset now carries End Dots--digitally printed dots that you can stick to the end of your Promarkers to identify the color.  Each set has pre-printed colors, plus blank dots that you can color yourself. Check out the Letraset blog for a chance to win a set.

Link: Lights and Shadows by Brandi York

A Tutorial in drawing a portrait with Copics.

Mis?Adventures in Watercolor: Dahlia-ence with a Triad

Nita Leland's high-key triad uses Transparent Yellow, Permanent Rose, and Cobalt Blue.  I don't have any of those colors in my palette, and after a little research, I determined that the closest I come is Hansa Yellow Light, Quinacridone Rose, and Phthalo Blue (RedShade).  I doubt I got the same effect she is trying to give us.  But hey!  I'm not buying any more watercolors, lol!

To vary things a bit, I decided to try out one of the Arches Watercolor boards that I bought for my class (new class coming up this afternoon--yay!)  I picked up three sheets of the coldpress surface, and when I got home, realized that two sheets had a smoother surface (probably hotpress).  They had already been cut to size, and I'm never loathe to try something new, so I decided to use them anyway.

The color doesn't flow easily on this surface so it's hard to get a juicy wash.  On the other hand, it's easier to control the paint because it doesn't run as much.  I enjoyed worki…