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Links to tangle patterns Loopers and Bushez or Shrubz

Bushez or


Link to Tangle Pattern Whittier

Link to Tangle Pattern Whittier-

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No Masking the Fact

VLVS! stamp Double Masks With Fan -Item 16258
2 sheetsKromecote A2 Cardstock 4 1/4 x 5 1/2
Miracle Tape 3/8 inch x 55 yds StazOn Timber Brown Ink pad May Arts Crochet Ribbon-Brown May Arts Solid Ivory/ Woven Check ribbon 407 38 32 May Arts Sheer / Frayed / FLlowers / Wired ribbon 393 25 01
Recently one of my friends moved to Hawai.  When I saw this series of Masquerade stamps I immediately knew they'd be perfect for a 'Missing You' card.
I wanted a chocolates in a porcelain dish ambience, so I went with glossy white Kromecote paper, with dark, chocolate-y brown, and cream-colored ribbon.
One sheet of Kromecote I folded into a card.  I cut two pieces from the other sheet--one just a little larger than the Maquerade stamp, another piece about 1/2 inch larger. 

After stamping the image on the smallest piece with Timber Brown StazOn, I taped it to the larger piece, and bordered it with the brown ribbon.  I stuck this whole assemblage onto the card with more Miracle tape.  
I fin…

Link to Balawat – tangle pattern

Views from the orange grove

I'm at a family reunion in Florida, staying at my brother's house. I discovered once I arrived that my laptop had taken the opportunity to depart for computer heaven so my brother bought me a very early birthday present--a Samsung Galaxy tablet!

It's wonderful but different enough that I've had to relearn quite a bit.

Here's my first attempt at using the camera and inserting photos into a post.

My brother lives on an orange grove so I thought I'd share some of the views.

Link to tangle pattern Love Line

I am the Diva's Weekly Challenge #105

Review of the Daycraft Handy Pick Holder

You are probably looking at this photo and wondering "Is that a wallet?"

Yes--and no.  The Daycraft Handy Pick Holder cover is a (wait for it) handy little holder that can be used to carry those little necessities that we need through-out the day.  It will certainly hold your money, but it holds a lot more.

I received a small Handy Pick along with the companion card holder, monthly day planner and sketchbook for purposes of this review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Before I go any further--I've got to tell you. The Handy Pick is light.  It's soft and supple and sturdy, but it's also light.  It looks like leather and feels like leather, but it doesn't weigh like leather! This is by far the lightest wallet/carrier/holder I have ever found.

That has become so important to me of late, with the problems I have in my neck and shoulders.

The Handy Pick is a crossover project between Daycraft and Daigo, combining refills/accessories  from Daigo and the …

Link to tangle patterns FALZ & XENSO

The Fox is a Colorful Ombre

Kuretake Zig Brushables which have two brush tips-one a full hue and the other in a 50% tint of the same hue.  The four packs come in a range of the same hue -all yellows, all blues, etc, so you end up with 8 hues in the same range.  Really cool.

I haven't had much time to play with the pack of yellows that I bought, but I had to give them a quick try out.

TanglePatterns String 039

Link to Two Monkeys tangle pattern

Zendala Dare #44

Genevieve Crabe's Weekly roundup

Tangle Refresher 44

Celtic Challenge 21

Link to tangle patterns Pacpaw and Spention

Emily Perkins has posted the step out to her patterns Pacpaw and Spention.

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Emily Perkins has posted the step out to her patterns ChootsElectronical and Thongs!

Tangle pattern Spoel

My friend Jeanet came up with this tangle pattern.  It's a tangleation, as there are similar patterns out there, but I felt the steps and final product were different enough to share it.

She is currently having problems with her hands that make it difficult to draw, so I agreed to draw the step out for her pattern, and an example using it.

So here is Jeanet's Spoel...

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Link to patterns Lotus Pod Waves and Frosty

Emily Perkins has posted the step out to her patterns Lotus Pod Waves and Frosty!

Remote Control with Cotton Batting Landscape

The Sepia portions of this piece were drawn with a Kuretake Zig Cartoonist Mangaka Outline Pen and the rest (the majority) was drawn with a Deleter Neopiko Line 2 Pen. Unfortunately, I used a .03 tip, so very fine!  I love working with a line that small, but I pretty much wore out the tip.  Probably lots of ink left in the pen, but no tip to use it with!

Drawn in a Clairefontaine Carnet de Voyage Travel Album.

Link to tangle pattern Starawn

Listing the latest

There's an interesting article on the European Paper blog about using lists in your blog posts. I'm in one of my whimsical (that means slightly mad) moods this morning.  I have a few drawings that I haven't posted for one reason or another.

The instant I read the article, this list popped into my head--my previously unposted pieces have almost nothing in common, but now they are related because they're in the same list.

1. Longhorn

2. Goldfish
3. Flying House

 This post is a bit of a joke, but the article at the European Paper blog is well worth reading if you blog!

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Link to pattern Jakubs, Gental Petal and Bubble Wrap

Emily Perkins has posted the step out to her pattern JakubsGental Petal and Bubble Wrap!

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Geneviève Crabe's Weekly Roundup

Eldritch, Elderberry and Pistachio

As I've mentioned, I've been playing with some Uni Pin Pens that I recently bought.  I do intend to write a review, but the way things are shaping up, it will probably be March before I can do it.  I've got  some other reviews to do, am taking my mother for a couple of weeks in Florida and have a hubby on vacation.

So today, I'll tease you with a few drawings.

After drawing this piece, I became fascinated with the light seemed to shine in these trees.

There is a tangle pattern (probably more than one, actually) called Nekton that is similar to what I'm doing, but I'm actually playing with a form of hatching (parallel lines used to create tonal value-    It's a great background for a silhouette, and really highlights the 'glow' for this kind of drawing.  Should I do it up as a pattern?

It's a great background for a silhouette, and really highlights th…

Link to tangle pattern Phicops