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Why I like Daler-Rowney Graduate Metallic Acrylic paints #Daler-Rowney #Acrylics

I've grown very fond of my Daler-Rowney Graduate Metallic paints.  I thought about writing a full-blown review, but ,really, the reasons I like them are so simple that I think just listing them will impress you more.

Craft Warehouse sells them for $1.96 for a 75 ml tube.  They run $3-$4 most other places I've seen them. Cheap in price, but not in quality.  They paint is creamy, and easy to spread with brush or palette knife.

Even though they are cheap, student-grade paints, and highly transparent, the pigment is strong.

Did I mention that the colors are transparent? To the point where the pearl white is almost invisible.  You can get holographic effects by applying the lighter colors over darker paints.

Usually shiny or shimmery media doesn't scan or photo well.  These Graduate acrylics scan and photo beautifully, even when paired with other reflective media such as Gellyroll pens.

They come in Metallic Red, Metallic Pink, Metallic Blue, Metallic Green, Metallic Yellow, Me…

Journal52: Week 21 Prompt-Mandala

I know.  My mandala doesn't look very impressive.  But.  It's holographic!  Twist it in the light just right and a whole different mandala appears!  My great-nieces (5 & 7) were SO impressed!

I'm not big on mandalas.  I love seeing what others do, but have never had much interest in drawing them myself.  So for this prompt I grabbed the Quasi-stencils I won from Artist Cellar a while ago, and used one for the dotted background, and two for the blue mandala.

How did I get the holograph?  I used Daler-Rowney's Graduate Metallic acrylic in pearl-white with my last stencil.  All their metallics are very transparent, and the pearl white is almost invisible.  Until you hold it so the light can catch the sheen.  It's a cheap thrill, but it's fun, lol!

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Three tiles with color
Ben Kwok Template-Giraffe (must be a member of Ornation Creation on Facebook)

Art Journaling Prompts & Inspiration
Eliminate Stress with Art Journaling
Mixed Media Collage Art Collaborative Project 1

mixed-media backgrounds: secrets using resist techniques
Watercolor Tricks with Copic Various Ink & Multiliners
Music Hall Shadow Box Tutorial

Jetpens giveaway-Raymay Davinci System Binder; Kaweco Fountain Pen & Converter; J. Herbin 1670 Rouge Hematite Fountain Pen Ink
Just Jingle Giveaway Week

word of the day: pyrogravure

Watercolor for the Fun of It: Getting Started by John Lovett #Strathmore #watercolor #JohnLovett

Besides the class in watercolor that I am currently taking, I've been going through my watercolor books and going through some of the exercises.

This exercise came from a book by John Lovett, 'Watercolor for the Fun of It: Getting Started'.   I love the examples in the book.  Unfortunately, it has some printing errors.  There is one section of the book where several paragraphs start in the middle or end of a sentence.  Most of the lost wordage is exposition, extra explanation, and I've had no trouble telling what is going on.  I love John's style and the examples and exercises in the book, so even though I had checked the book out of the library and was aware of the problem, I bought the book anyway.

I don't have all the colors that John uses and substituted in some places.  I added extra fish and did some thing with the water that weren't in the exercise.  Normally, I wouldn't sign something I painted from an exercise without putting the author's n…

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Playing with Shape Tape and Watercolor Techniques #Strathmore #FrogTape #Watercolor

I've been taking a class in watercolor from Kathy Delumpa Allegri, where we are learning techniques ala Jeanette Carbonetti, who wrote the 'Tao of Watercolor'.  It's a very loose style, where you apply the paint and then follow where it leads.

In a seeming change of subject, Frog Tape just came out with a brand of tape, 'Shape Tape'.  I was intrigued with the idea of using it for art journaling and crafting.  In a sudden moment of whimsy, I had the idea of using it to create a framed shape around a watercolor painting.

I had a rough idea of an urban scene--wondering if something could be done using the 'Tao' style with buildings.  I worked up some very runny colors--Gamboge, Quinacridone Rust and Phthalocyanine Green and let it drip, charging in some colors down the page.  Then I picked out shapes to be windows and doors and highlights and, of course, the fella with the umbrella.

I like it, even though the perspective is totally distorted.  I think the …

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Review of the Banditapple Carnet Pocket Book Size Limited Edition #Banditapple #notebook #LifeImitatesDoodles

The Banditapple Carnet looks unassuming.  Just a notebook with a cardstock cover.   It looks handmade--because it is.  You might not even give it a second glance if you saw it in a store.  Too bad if you didn't, because it's a pretty nifty notebook.

Before I go any further, I want to apologize to the Banditapple company.  They had a very generous limited time offer, giving away free copies of their notebooks, open to anyone willing to pay S&H.  That is how I received my copy, quite some time ago.  I fully meant to write a review, but I was busy when it arrived, and set it aside.  I'm not usually one of those 'out of sight, out of mind' kind of people, but in this case, I forgot I had the notebook.

Better late than never, right?

Sizes: Pocket Book Size Limited Edition (approx 4.1 x 5.8 in, 105 x 148 mm) Also comes in Handy (4.33in x 8.25in, 11cm x 21cm) and Peewee (3.5in x 5.5in, 9cm x 14cm)
Formats: Blank, Weekly Planner, Graph, Lined
Cover Colors: Finland …

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Did you know that baby camels were cute? #ScribblerToo #LifeImitatesDoodles

Well.  Kind of.  Maybe not so much when you draw them in Scribbler Too, lol!

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Journal52 Prompt 20-Book Inspired #Journal52 #ArtJournalPrompt #ArtJournaling

Can you believe that Journal52 has been going on for 20 weeks now?

This weeks prompt was very dear to my heart...but I was already working on two other projects.  I wanted to work on the prompt but at the same time, I didn't want to pull my energy from the other projects.  I was trying to work out some ideas, and I wanted all my thoughts there.

So, I fell back on my old standby.  Words.  I like this method.  You can vary the way you box in the words without spending too much time deciding how you'll do it.  Doing a project this way every few weeks also ties the journal together, giving it a cohesiveness that might be lacking if you change styles often.

 I already had some splatters of paint from other projects on the page.  I whipped out the yellow Montana Marker and colored the page in about two seconds.  I chose Sakura Gellyrolls for the words and book covers.  I wish I had used something else for the words.  They look good in real life, but don't scan well.

As a child,…

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Journal52 Prompt 19-Photography #Journal52 #ArtJournalPrompt #ArtJournaling

I had just finished up my Art Dolls with Popsicle Paws project (for the how-to on making these dolls, see my Frog Dog Studio post) when I saw the prompt for Journal52 that week was photography.  I had already printed out the photo I took for my how-to post (using photo paper from the Dollar Store), so I thought--what the heck.  Recycling part of one projects makes it easier to do more projects!

This was another page where I had slathered on drips and drabs of leftover paint.  I'd also glued down a strip of printed art tissue long before I knew what I'd be putting on the page.
After tearing around the art dolls to get rough edges for my photo,  I glued it down with Polymer medium.  I squeezed out a little of Daler-Rowney's Academy Metallic Blue and Metallic Pink acrylic paints, which are very transparent, and spread them out to unify the color.  I used the blue around the photo and the pink on the photo paper, spreading it out to mix with the blue.
I used a black Sharpie br…

Morning Mist in the Trees #Watercolor, #KDAllegriArt, #SchutNoblesse

I'm taking a watercolor class from  Kathy Delumpa Allegri (KD Allegri Art ).  Just got home from today's session.  We're learning to use the style ala Jeanne Carbonetti's 'Tao of Watercolor'.

I'm using a Schut Noblesse Watercolor pad -- I'll be hosting a giveaway for three of those in August.

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Seahorse in Scribbler Too #ScribblerToo, #LifeImitatesDoodles

We drove to the Oregon Coast on my birthday for dinner and a movie.  I saw some little seahorses in the restaurant gift shoppe and thought it would be fun to do one up in Scribbler Too.

Monday Links to Tangles, Tutorials and Giveaways #zentangle #Giveaways #ArtJournal

Sorry for the lack of link lists last week.  We were having internet problems, that wouldn't let me post (or comment) on Blogger.  I'm hoping things are back to normal now, though the problem has seemed to be fixed only to occur again.  If I disappear for a few days again, this time you'll know why!

Weekly Zentangle Challenge #168-winner announced. Challenge delayed until tomorrow due to holiday
Weekly Zentangle Roundup #173
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DIY Metallic Paint
Watercolor Painting for Beginners: A Free Download Drawing Type: An Introduction to Illustrating Letterforms Using Mixed-Media Supplies: Free Guide to Alcohol Ink, Gel Medium and Other Supplies for Mixed-Media Art The World of Watercolor: Color Temperature in Art

Journal 52 Prompt 18-Creative Hands #Journal52, #ArtJournal, #ArtJournaling

I haven't been very good about posting my Journal 52 pages.  I've been keeping up nicely, but just not posting them.  In some cases, it's because I'm going to use a page as an example for a review I'm working on, but a couple I just haven't felt were done.  I'm pretty sure I'll go back and work on them some more.

I think this one is done though.

I traced my hand onto cardboard and then cut out the inside to make a hand outline.

I painted the background with Holbein Matte Primary Red, Primary Blue and Primary Yellow acrylic paint.

Then I painted the hand outline with a metallic blue and then tangled everywhere with a white gellyroll pen.

To finish off I used a red gel ink pen to write creative hands and do a little outlining.

Review of the Sharpie Brush Tip Permanent Marker #Sharpie #JetPens #Zentangle

It has been a long time since I used a Sharpie marker.  They are an alcohol marker, which means a strong smell, and I've always found the colors to be more opaque than I personally like.  However, times change and while the original Sharpie is still around, there are several new versions.

When I saw that there was a brush tip version, I had to try them out.  I saw that Jetpens carried them, so I bought the basic 4 color set-Black, Blue, Green and Red, (no yellow!  How can you have the basics without yellow? Sorry. Personal bugaboo of mine), as well as singles in Yellow, Brown, and Purple.  Since then I've added Orange and Lime Green (not pictured).

Diameter  - Grip: 14.5 mm,
Ink: Nontoxic, Permanent, Fade, Water-resistant
Colors: Brown, Berry, Black, Blue, Green, Turquoise, Lime Green, Orange, Magenta, Purple, Red, Yellow
Tip: Length -11.4 mm, Material - Felt,  Replaceable - No

Look and Feel
The Sharpie Brush Tip marker looks very similar to the original Sharpie marker.  When …

Playing with Pergamano #FrogDogStudio #AmazingCraftingProducts

I found the May Frog Dog Studio kit so thrilling, I did two projects using the contents and some products for the Amazing Crafting Products by the Alumilite Corporation.

I hope you'll pop over to the Frog Dog Studio blog and see how I used the Parchment Pergamano technique to create this journal cover.

Do you see what I see? #FountainPenRevolution, #Dill #Zentangle

I think most drawings looks better from one direction or the other, whether you intend them to or not.
However, there are exceptions.  Recently, I was using an eyedropper to fill a fountain pen, and I wiped off the dropper on a piece of scrap paper.  I rather liked the blobs I made, so did some tangling on it with the Dilli and Serwex 162 fountain pens that I reviewed yesterday.
Usually, I turn the piece around and determine which way I like best, but this time I couldn't decide, so I thought I'd let you choose. I saw something different in each version.

Review of the Dilli & Serwex 162 Fountain Pens #FountainPen #FPR_Dilli #Zentangle

A few weeks ago, there was a fountain pen review at the No Excuses Art blog.  It listed several entry-level fountain pens in the $6 to $32 dollar range and is a great reference if you're looking to dip your toes into this inky pool.

This is the dollar range for the fountain pens I collect, and the first pen on the list caught my eye.  The Dilli Fountain Pen from Fountain Pen Revolution (FPR).  At $15, I couldn't pass this up.  I was pleased to find that the S&H was only $3 flat-rate global shipping.  I ordered the red with an extra fine nib.  And to my surprise there was even a free pen in the package, a Serwex 162, included.  I'm not sure if that happens with every package or if I just ordered when there was a special going on.

The pens came loose in a padded envelope with no information except a flyer showing how to use the twist piston filling mechanism (a nice information piece).

The FPR Dilli Fountain Pen

Feed Mechanism: Twist Piston
Material: Translucent plasti…