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Sneak Peek for Monday's Review and Giveaway! #Rhodia #Exaclair #Giveaway

Be sure to check my blog on Monday for a review and GIVEAWAY!  Just a couple of sneak peeks to help you remember!

An example done for the review...

Bleedthrumanades in Rubber Stamp Madness Magazine #Zentangle #RubberStampMadness #VivaLasVegaStamps!

The Spring Edition of Rubber Stamp Madness magazine is due to hit stores on February 10 or so.

You might remember that a couple of years ago, I was a team member of the Viva Las VegaStamps! design team.  During that time, I submitted some of my *Bleedthrumanades that I'd done using their rubber stamps and Zentangle patterns.  The magazine liked my examples and decided to write a whole article about them!

I'm so excited.  The magazine plans their issues two years in advance, so I've been waiting a long time!

These Bleedthrumanades were done with Copic Markers, Viva Las VegaStamps! rubber stamps, and Pigma Microns on paper in a Rhodia 6 x 8 R-pad.

(*Got lemons, make lemonade.  Got marker bleed-through, make bleedthrumanade.  Color the page on one side with markers that will bleed color through to the back.  Draw and/or stamp on the side of the page.  When done, turn the page over and draw and/or stamp a totally different piece using the same color base.)

The Front of the P…

Watercolor Wednesday with Schut-21 #Exaclair #Schut #Zentangle

Each Wednesday for 22 weeks, I'll be sharing artwork that was done on paper from a Schut Papier sampler.  I'll be giving you a little information about each of the papers.

Schut Vel Acryl, 360 g/m2:165 lbs

This is a very stiff thick paper and it screamed mixed media to me.  I was getting a bit tired of working at the half sheet size and decided I would do the whole sheet as a collage.  I tore up scraps of magazine paper, and decoupaged it down with gel medium.  I layered on some textured pumice gel as well.

Then I painted the page with a very transparent metallic green acrylic paint, leaving the negative shapes of the pears.

It would also be a very good paper to use for art journal covers.

The outcome of my tests:
Not a good paper for foldingthe backside creases cleanlythe inside radiates so that you get several creasesI was afraid the paper would crack so I didn't press as hard as I normally wouldGood paper for collagedespite several layers of paper, gel medium and pumice gel…

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Journal52 2015 Week 4-Silhouettes #Journal52 #ArtJournal #Acrylics

I cheated a little bit on the prompt this week--maybe.  I looked up the definition of silhouette and Google's first offering was 'the dark shape and outline of someone or something visible against a lighter background, especially in dim light.'

The definition didn't specify that the shape had to be a solid color, so I went with my preference, and added a little sharing.

This took about 20 minutes, and at that, I fiddled with it a bit longer than I should.  I didn't take pictures, but for those interested, there is a write-up of my process and reasoing below.

Supplies: Stillman & Birn Wirebound Alpha 7 x 10 inches Golden Fluid Acrylics: Ultarmarine Blue, Quinacridone Magenta, Hansa Yellow Medium, Gold Iridescent Foam brush 1/2 inch flat Paper mask of man with umbrella
Reasons for my choice of colors:  I wanted to stick mainly with the primaries of red, blue and yellow.  I also wanted colors that would pop and I love how vibrant Golden's Ultramarine is. I k…

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Laundry Day #Fabriano #Zentangle #Tiziano

This is the last of the drawings that I did in my aqua Fabriano Tiziano art journal.  My New Year's resolution is to focus on using the paper and journals I already have, rather than creating new ones so I probably won't buy any more of this for a while.  I'll miss it.

This piece made me think of those shots you see of laundry hung outside of apartment buildings, underwear flying like banners over the city scape.  Maybe that's what I should have named it--Underwear Flying Like Banners!

Watercolor Wednesday with Schut-20 #Exaclair #Schut #Zentangle

Each Wednesday for 22 weeks, I'll be sharing artwork that was done on paper from a Schut Papier sampler.  I'll be giving you a little information about each of the papers.

Schut Artist Drawing Paper, 160 g/m2:82 lbs

Good erasability; light grain; extra white; acid-free; pH-neutral; for pen, pencil, charcoal, crayon, and pastel.

I continue to be impressed with this paper's ability to hold up to watercolor.  I did a lot of blotting, color lifting and scrubbing with a lot of re-applied heavy washes--really punished the paper, so you can see areas of pilling and rippling.  Given the deliberate overworking, I'd have expected most drawing papers to tear or refuse to take new color.  I've had watercolor paper that performed worse.

I messed up a bit with my drawing.  I dutifully took notes on the back, but forgot to write down which pen I was using!  I'm pretty sure it was a Pilot Fude-Makase Color Brush Pen in Sepia, but I can't be sure.

The outcome of my tests:

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Journal52 2015: Prompt 3 - Conversation Starters #Journalt52 #ArtJournaling #Stillman&Birn

I did something a little different for this week's prompt, and yet it almost the same as last weeks. Ain't I a scamp?

Quite often, sketchbooks and journals come with a paper band that contains information about the book and the paper inside.  I like to keep these, with the journal if possible, or in an envelope if not.

Meanwhile, I had already decided I wanted to decorate the inside covers of my art journal. You see how these two things go together? No? Well, Stillman & Birn journals don't have a back pocket, but they do come with an informational paper band.

 Many of my online conversations have started because someone asked a question about a page I've done...'how did you do that?' What size is this?', and so forth.  Many of those questions are answered by the information on the band (which is why I like to keep them.  They're great reference for later).

I decided both covers would have similar backgrounds.  On the front, I'd write my conversa…

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Jaws on Aqua #Fabriano #Zentangle #Tiziano

I wonder what kind of animal those teeth belong to! You'd think I'd know, considering I drew them, but nope.  There they are, fresh from the brain of yours truly, and I don't have a clue. Lol! I crack myself up sometimes.

This was done on aqua Fabriano Tiziano.  I almost didn't share it, because it got stained when I dropped another piece with wet paint on it.  I can also tell that my wrist was bothering me when I drew this, because I didn't fill in my colors solidly.

Then, I decided what the heck.  The point isn't to share my perfection with you--I'd never be sharing in that case.  The point is in the sharing itself.  I think my jaws are funny, because I'm really not sure why I decided to draw them.  Fun is much more interesting to share than perfection!

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Journal52 2015 Prompt 2: Just Be #Journal52 #ArtJournal #ColoredPencil

The second prompt for Journal52 2015 was 'Just Be'.

I've mentioned, often, that I seldom plan my work.  However, after musing on this prompt for a bit I had the idea of someone lazing against a tree, just being.

I wanted to keep my process simple, and I wanted the process to 'just happen' as well.  So how to bring my vision about while still letting my finished piece be a surprise?

For those interested, I've written up my solution below.

Stillman & Birn Delta sketchbook
Tim Holtz Distress Markers: Rusty Hinge, Worn Lipstick, Tumbled Glass
American Craft Stamp Marker: Aqua
Coloursoft Colored Pencils: Electric Blue, Lime Green, Mid Green, Deep Fuschia, Bright Orange
Blending Stump/Tortillon

Starting in the corners, and then more or less at random, I colored portions of the page using water-soluable markers.  Then I blended all the colors together with a water brush.

My choices were important here, but not critical.  Most of this…

Watercolor Wednesday with Schut-19 #Exaclair #Schut #Watercolor

Each Wednesday for 22 weeks, I'll be sharing artwork that was done on paper from a Schut Papier sampler.  I'll be giving you a little information about each of the papers.

Schut Sketchpad Paper, medium fine grain, 90 gm2/61 lbs

PH Neutral, Acid-free, ISO 9706.

I've reviewed the Schut Sketchpad paper in other weights.  This is the lightest weight and I used both fountain pen and metal-tipped pen (Pentel Slicci & Energels).  As I've found in the past, the paper performs far better than might be expected given its weight, with no feathering or skipping, minimal show-through and very little bleed-through.

The Pentel Slicci have a very fine point, and I've even had them tear through paper in the past, when I've worked heavily in one spot.  The tend to deboss (leave indented lines) in some paper, so I was curious to see how they worked on this paper.

The outcome of my tests:

The Paper:can be folded almost edge to edge without crease or cracking, and it retains little…

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Notes! Notes! I Need Notes! #Fabriano #Zentangle #Pentel

I was sooo bad about keeping track of what I was using while I was working on this aqua Fabriano Tiziano.  I suppose that is good in one way.  It means I'm more into the moment, creating, not thinking about what this is and that is.  But usually, I can do that and then remember what I used (and let me note, that often, I'm posting something that I drew months ago--I finished this handmade art journal back in September, but I'm just now posting some of the pages).

I'm not sure why I struggle so much with the remembering on this paper.  Possibly it's the aqua color.  It changes the colors somewhat, perhaps enough to confuse what few wits I have left, lol.

My best guess is that this was done with Pentel Sliccis.  I have the fine points, which I like, but as with most metal-tipped pens this size, they tend to deboss--leave indentations in the paper.  This can also happen with fountain pens, and that's a possibility here, but the lines seem too fine for any of my f…

What did I use? #Fabriano #Yasutomo #Zentangle

Of late, when I scan a piece in, I try to include the info regarding both the paper and the medium(s) I used.  I didn't with this one.  I know I was using the aqua Fabriano Tiziano but I have to guess what pen I used.

My suspicion is that it was a Yasutomo Y&C Gel Stylist Gel Ink Pen - 0.5 mm with Burgundy ink.  Its a metal-tipped needle point pen of small size that fits nicely in my small hand.  I like the flow of the ink and love the burgundy color.  Every time I use it, I wonder why I don't use it more often.  I suppose it's because metal-tipped pens are my least favorite type.  Which isn't to say I don't like them.  I just like fabric-tip, brush tip and fountain pen better, as a rule.

I've always tended to use both sides of the page in my journals, in order to get the most from them, but maybe I should start using one side only and write down the info about the mediums I used and any notes about thoughts I want to remember.  I may have to do that.

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My husband and I have decided to start doing some heavy house remodeling, and I'm thinking about volunteering to teach crafts at my mother's Assisted Living home.  Between the two, it's going to use up time I normally use searching for link lists.  So, for a while at least, I'm going to cut down the number of days that I post my links.  

For now, I'm going to post my link list on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.  Hopefully, I'll be able to go back to a daily within a couple of months.

Weekly Zentangle Challenge 200 (with giveaway!)

Art Journaling Prompts & Inspiration
How to Create More Often

Cracked Glass Bobbles
Tooled Aluminum Fish
Violet Window Box

Daycraft Giveaway-win a Karen Mok Official signed MyTravel notebook (Facebook)
DoCraft giveaway-chance to win crafting goodies (Facebook)
Review: Nock Co DotDash Pocket Notebook (and Giveaway)

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Power Outage = No Link list of Tangles, Tutorials and Giveaways today!

Sorry!  For some reason we were without power a good part of the day, so I wasn't able to look up good sites for today.  There should be a list tomorrow, provided the power stays on now.

Follow Your Dreams #Fabriano #Tiziano #PenAndInk

I still have a few pages to share from the small art journal I made using sheets of aqua Fabriano Tiziano.  It's similar to the paper used for the official Zentangle® tiles (which I believe is Fabriano Tiepolo).

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Watercolor Wednesday with Schut-18 #Exaclair #Schut #Watercolor

Each Wednesday for 22 weeks, I'll be sharing artwork that was done on paper from a Schut Papier sampler.  I'll be giving you a little information about each of the papers.

Schut Noblesse, Cold-pressed, medium fine , 300 gm2/140 lbs
Both of the paintings I'm sharing today were done quickly, with a large brush and washes.  On the second painting I used a Pigma Micron for detail.  Many cold-pressed watercolor papers are too rough for a fabric-tipped pen, making it hard to get crisp lines and wearing down the pen tip.  I think the tooth of this paper would wear a fabric tip down so I used an older pen.  While  I couldn't get a truly sharp, crisp line, I could come close, and I was able to get a variety of textures depending on how I held the pen and the amount of pressure.

The outcome of my tests:
The Noblesse paper is smoother than many cold-pressed papers I've worked with, but not so smooth as to seem like hot-press.The paper is about average for lifting color, and re-a…

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Journal52 Week 1: Pathways #Journal52 #ArtJournal #Stillman&Birns

Yes! The Journal52 workshop continues on into 2015 and it's still free!  If you are new, and want to join in, check out the newbie page.  If you've been journaling along, check out the What's New page.  If you just want to start journaling--the first prompt for 2015 is Pathways.

While I'm going to stay with a theme of 'Keep It Simple, Stupid', I am doing things a little differently this year.  Instead of making a journal or buying one specifically for this year's journal, I'm going to finish up some of the journals I've already been working in.  The main one will be a Stillman & Birn's Delta sketchbook.  I reviewed one of these a while back if you are interested in learning more about them.

For this weeks prompt--Pathways--I decided to paint the cover of my journal.  Although last year was the first year I joined up with a challenge group, I've been creating art in journals since 2010, so I decided my pathways would be symbolic of my art…

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Journal52 Last prompt of 2014 #Journal52 #ArtJournal #ArtJournaling

The last Journal52 prompt for 2014 was Circles (fear not--the Journal52 workshop continues on into 2015 and it's still free!  If you are new, and want to join in, check out the newbie page.  If you've been journaling along, check out the What's New page.  If you just want to start journaling--the first prompt for 2015 is Pathways).

There was a bit of synchronicity for me.  A friend, who was in the process of closing her wineshop forever, gave me a sackful of foil winecaps.  I had been debating ways to use the caps when I saw Prompt 52--foil winecaps are round!

The theme for my 2014 Journal52 prompt has been 'simple', as in KISS, 'Keep it Simple, Stupid' (and I intend to carry through with the for 2015).  So my plan was to flatten the foil caps, glue them down and add something for more texture.  The steps to my process are below, for those who are interested.

1.  I dug through my bag of foil caps, looking shiny, one-color ones to provide the base of my page…

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