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The Winner Has Been Contacted...

If you entered my giveaway for the Tin of Hahnemühle Tiles, please check for a response to email you sent to enter. 

I want to thank everyone who did enter.

Shapely People Fun & Easy Landscape Step-wisely Step-out #FunAndEasyLandscape #Step-out #DrawingTutorial

If you are here for my giveaway of YouTangle.Art tiles, go here.  Giveaway end tonight! 

A lot of people are intimidated at the thought of drawing people (including me).

But in my Fun & Easy world, there is nothing that can't be drawn by using the basic shapes - circles, squares, triangles, and their geometrical variations.  And remember, stick people are for real in fun & easy landscapes!

You know the steps already - the head, the chest, the waist, the arms, the legs, the hands and feet (maybe).  Are people still familiar with the spiritual - Dem Dry Bones?  I had that song going through my head when I was working on this.

I've come up with step-outs for drawing a few funky people.  I'm using the triangle for the most part, but you should try squares and circles too. You can tell the possibilities are endless!

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Fun & Easy Landscapes step-outs, step-wiselys or step-by-ste…

Review-Hahnemühle A5 #Watercolorbook Book #Hahnemühle #WorldWatercolorGroup

While surfing around in the online watercolor world, I kept seeing the name Hahnemühle come up. People were talking about their line of watercolor papers and their watercolor books.

Of course, I had to try this brand. I bought this watercolor Book, and then I received some cold press watercolor blocks - the Cézanne, William Turner, and Leonardo from Hahnemühle.  Today, I'm going to review the Watercolor Book in A5 size.  I'll be reviewing the cold press blocks in the weeks to come.

Size: A5 (9 x 6.6 x 0.5 inches) Landscape. Also available in A6, A5 and A4.
Weight: 7.8 ounces
No. Pages: 60 pages, 30 Sheets
Paper: 200 gsm, natural white, rag fiber content, fine-grained, acid free
Binding: Sewn
Cover: Synthetic linen
Extras: Ribbon, Elastic band
Suitable for watercolors, gouache, tempera, pastel, charcoal, pencil and crayons

Look & Feel
The Hahnemühle Watercolour book is filled with 30 sheets of Akademie watercolour paper, which has rag fiber content.  The cover is plain,…

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Review-Zebra Sarasa Fineliner Pens #Zensations #FinelinerPens @ZebrapenUS #Inktober

If you are here for the Hahnemühle YouTangle.Art tiles giveaway, go here.

One of the other products I received as an Zensations Artist Ambassador was a set of 24 Zebra Sarasa Fineliner pens, and that's what I'm reviewing here today

Ink: Acid free,archival, easy flow, quick drying, non-bleed through
Body: Plastic
Clip: Flexible Plastic
Nib: Needle point, fiber with metal reinforced tip
Point size: Fine, 0.8 mm
Weight: .27 lbs.

Dimensions:.60 x 5.50 x 5.10 in

One of the few downsides to being one of the first to get new products is that sometimes the information isn't all available yet.  The Sarasa Fineliner color chart has not been posted, so I'm not able to match the names to the colors and be sure of the accuracy.  

Colors: Fluorescent Yellow, Yellow, Golden Yellow, Orange, Brown, Dark Brown, Gold,Grey, Silver, Black,Fluorescent Purple, Purple, Fluorescent Pink, Deep Pink, Lt. Magenta, Red, Ruby Red, 
Blue, Dark Blue, Electric Blue,Sky Blue, Fluorescent Green,Spring Green, …

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Reynard Fun & Easy Landscape Step-out #Fun&EasyLandscape #Step-out #DrawingTutorial

What's a landscape without a fox or two.  Although, these days you're as likely to find them in an urban setting as a rural one!  By special request - Reynard!

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Giveaway (closed)-Hahnemühle Tiles #Zentangle #Hahnemühle #YouTangle

Yesterday, I did a review of Hahnemühle's Tiles.  Today, I'm having a giveaway for a tin of them.  Instructions are below.  This giveaway has ended!

Who Can Enter? This giveaway is international.

What Is the Prize?  One winner will receive a tin of 25Hahnemühle Tiles as pictured above.

How to Enter (giveaway has ended)? Cut and paste these words: 'I want to win Tiles' into the subject line of an email, and send it to me at  LifeImitatesDoodles [at] gmail [dot] com. (replace the words enclosed in [ ] with an @ and a . and make sure there are no spaces).

When does the giveaway start and end? The giveaway closed starts on 9/22/17 at 06:00 AM PDT and ends 9/29/17 at 11:59 PDT.  I'll notify the winners on 9/30/17, by responding to the email they sent as an entry.

Who is Giving Away the Prizes? Hahnemühle sent me two tins of YouTangle.Art tiles for purpose of a review, and I'm choosing to give one of them away.…

Wrap-Around Tree Fun and Easy Landscape Step-out #FunAndEasyLandscape #Step-out #DrawingTutorial

If you are here for my giveaway of YouTangle.Art tiles, go here.

The Wrap-Around Tree is an example of a simple drawing that can be hard to do.  It's the curves that are likely to throw you.

The experienced artist won't have much of a problem.  But for someone who hasn't drawn freehand very often, those gentle sweeps and curls can be hard.  Face it, most of the time we are trying to get a straight line.  When we sew, when me measure, cut - almost always, we are trying to get a straight line.

Then you sit down to draw, and - what's this? Sweeping and swerving all over the place when you've spent your life trying to avoid that?

I do urge you to try those curvy lines.  It can take some practice, but will enrich your drawings and I think it also means you've let go of a certain mentality - for the moment - and let yourself just flow. It can be both relaxing and energizing.

But, frustration doesn't help in any way. So  I've done a simplified step-out, usin…

Review-Hahnemühle Tiles for Tangling #Zentangle #Hahnemühle #YouTangle @ZebraPenUS

Here in the U.S., many of us have never heard of Hahnemühle paper. Founded in 1584, the company produces traditional, digital and industrial papers. Their distinguishing feature is the ability to combine tradition with modern technologies.  And now they tiles that are great the for Zentangle® artist and those who enjoy working at a 3.5 x 3.5 (9 x 9 cm) size.

Paper weight: 310 gsm
Paper size: 9 x 9 cm/3.5 x 3.5 inch
Paper color: bright white
No. of Tiles: 25
Description: Rounded edges, acid free and age resistant

Look & Feel
The Tin

The tin is metal with no adornment except for the Hahnemühle Rooster on the front. It has a hinged lid that opens easily and lays flat when open.

The tin comes with 25 tiles. They fit with just enough room that you can remove the tiles without digging for them, but not so loosely that they'll slide around and be damaged.

The tin will be perfect for storing your artwork afterwards - or if you are a DIY watercolor addict like me, it ca…